Saturday, August 23, 2008


well i was brave today, for me anyway, i stepped out of my little box and went and played with some big boys (and a few ladies) at Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk.  it was sunny.  actually the hottest day i can recall, so yay for that!   i am all about getting a little tan while shooting, multitasker that i am.  so it was a bit strange, i am not sure what i expected, but all 50 showed up and all with WAY bigger equip than i have ever seen in my life. we are talking big guns here.  and i heard talk of bangkok and shooting sports teams.  "ummm hi i like to shoot my 3 cute kids and pretty flowers, oh and flare i love flare."  HARRRRRR!    then we scattered like roaches to all corners of the old port.  shot for 2 hours crossed paths and shots a few times.  then met back for a beer (1/2 and 1/2 for me yummmm) then said our goodbyes.  now i have the task of narrowing down to 10 shots.   i think i have them, but to make the mosaic i needed 13 so there you go.  there will be a winner from each city, who then will go on to compete for the best shot in the WORLD.  pretty cool.  well thank you to Scott Kelby for hatching such a grand plan, bringing photogs and shutterbugs together all over the world, that my friend is pretty dang cool. as for me i was happy to have 2 hours of uninterrupted shooting in a city i really like.   and i kinda like my shots too, bonus.


Nana said...

Lovely collection..Well done, K. Glad you had such a happy day and the glow will stay for some time I am sure as you share your photographs!

Sew Fab Martha said...

You really did a fabulous job of giving us a glimpse of your beautiful city! I love the photos from your walk. It sounds like quite the adventure. We were in Seattle tonight and saw some of the 'big guns' from the walk here! Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

"oh and flare, i love flare." you crack me up.

you and me both, shocked by the big guns. but you know what, you rocked it! i love all your shots, it'd be hard to pick just 10.

Anonymous said...

Lol k! I LOVE all your shots...just 10 to upload? Man, we can upload all ours, then the leader is picking the winner. Goodluck to him!
We had about 25 or so.

ELK said...

stepping out of your box is good! nice pictures!

Henwhisperer said...

Kristin, you did an amazing job! We are so proud of you!

jfrancis said...

upper left to right****
downhome dress
polishing reddeck
contrast on stone
second row****
days end
whistle time
gull waiting
brass on brick
whistle time 2
slow transport
portland green

renee said...

very nice, good job