Friday, August 22, 2008

Worldwide Photo Walk is tomorrow!

well it is here already, the worldwide PhotoWalk.  looks like a few Shutter Sisters were able to find spots in their local walks.  that is exciting.  i am wondering if any flickr friends from Maine are signed up for Portland's walk?  any faces i might meet tomorrow that i have "seen" on flickr?  i kind of hope so, that might make it easier to say hello.   not being from here i have no contacts so i am hoping to make a few tomorrow.  even 1 would be great!  i am nervous just sitting here thinking about it.  silly i know.  well it looks like our weather will cooperate and we will have a nice day to walk and shoot.  off to clean my camera and lenses and get my bag ready.  please shoot me a note if you are going, i am excited to see what you all get!   
happy shooting!

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jfrancis said...

Walk around the world
gathering pixels.
What a gorgeous