Saturday, September 27, 2008


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sept 27, 1997 i became a mrs. , we became a family. it seems like yesterday. has it really been 11 years? wow, we rock honey. ;)
it has been a roller coaster ride, but a roller coaster of love (haha cue RHCP) ups- downs- highs- lows- all the in betweens-messy- crazy-life. we keep on muddling through this world, partners, friends, parents. here's to the next 11 and 11 after that. happy anniversary. love you. love us.


leaca said...

congratulations! a fall wedding in maine? is that where you were married? i bet that was gorgeous.

kristin said...

no we met in PA where i am from married there, but came here to Ogunquit, Maine for our honeymoon, it was when we decided to give it a try.

ELK said...

best wishes for many more happy years together J and K ~

Anonymous said...

Yeah you two!!! So in love with this pic and the one above! Happy Love day to you both.

Mrs.French said...

ahhh...this is so sweet. Happy Anniverary Mr. and Mrs. Maine Momma.

Hay said...

Awwww, happy anniversary! You have six months on us :) Hope it was brilliant.