Friday, September 26, 2008

feet feet feet. oh how many feet you meet..~dr suess

this is gonna make my fall! started a shiny new group today on flickr and it has taken OFFFFF! like wild fire. i love that. a group dedicated to our feet. personally the only part of me comfortable in front on the lens. LOL. so show me what ya got! i know you have feet! and i happen to know they are NOT shy.

happy shooting!
this mosaic is just a sampling of the fabulousness that started as soon as i hit "send" for the invite. it is over 4 pages already!  you all ROCK!

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mariah@playful learning said...

What fun! After looking through all of the photos my daughter has taken over the past year, I discovered that she always manages to get in a shot of her feet. I added her foot mosaic to the flickr group.