Friday, September 26, 2008

feeling fall

summer has gone but she left me a hefty suitcase full of lovely memories.  it was a beautiful love affair, but far too fleeting.  fall is upon us.  the chill, the colors, the sweaters, the blankets. we are still gathering, but now instead of seashells, rocks and sea glass, it is acorns (kacorns) leaves,& feathers.  i am feeling the need for apples, cider, and baked goods.  fall is wrapping her arms around me.  problem is she too will leave far too soon, just like her sister, summer.

  what does fall mean to you? 


leaca said...

i love fall. i did a whole post the other day on all the things i love about it. i have been loving all your images lately too. i imagine maine is a gorgeous thing to behold this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.god. How much do I love this collage???


kristin said...

hugs ladies, yes me the GO AWAY FALL!!!! and here i look at the images and have to love it a little, ok more than a little. i'd still take summer back though. only because fall here is like 4 weeks and then winter is here forever.....ok i exaggerate, a little. just a little.

spread your wings said...

love, love fall and you express it so well with your words and this grouping of photos.

Artful Spirit said...

Oh I love fall! The colors, smells, cozyness of sweaters, pumkins, Halloween, apple cider, cinnamon, cookouts, football, hiking...and the list could go on forever! Fall is to me what summer is to you! I wish it could stay all year!