Tuesday, September 09, 2008


i donated this 8x8 photo to the Nie Nie etsy benefit sale that will be held Sept 23rd and 24th.

stephanie is a momma, a blogger, no different from us all, who recently suffered an unimaginable tragedy alongside her husband.  you can read more about the Nielson's and their family here.  


so please mark your calendars and do some shopping to benefit the Nielson family.  there is sure to be a bounty of beautiful items for sale!

the world can be a small beautiful place when you give.


Anonymous said...

I need to go read their story. Good job Momma sharing your work. I'm sure this print will be very well recieved. It's stunning.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous k, I knew you would do something amazing. Hugs!

Sew Fab Martha said...

Thanks for the information.
They had a good story about this family and the power of blog connections on one of the morning news shows this morning!

kristin said...

yes read that on her sister's blog. just an incredible story of family and faith and the power of the universe coming together.