Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my girlfriend's back: week 5

"my girlfriend's back so you're gonna be in trouble.. hey na- hey na, my girlfriend's back." (SING!)

yay andie is feeling better and took a beautiful fall picture.  our dipping is back on

ooooh and i just read Morgan's post on the Nie Nie benefit today, here she has MORE stuff for tomorrow, yay!   i guess i need to park my butt at the computer so i can get something from the sale.  so if you are like me, and missed out on today's sale check back again tomorrow same time, 10am PST, for more lovely items.  YAY.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Yes, feeling oh so much better.

I too adore this double dip pic. Your daughter...stunning just like her momma. All of your kids have such lovely, deep eyes.
Much love,