Tuesday, September 23, 2008


ok i went to the playground at 11, so missed the kickoff of the Nie Nie benefit, but came home at 2:00 and  quickly clicked on the link to see what i could buy and  there are only 2 items left!!!!!!!  159 SOLD in 2 hours!!!!!!!  wowzers.  so much for my shopping.  lol.   but hey if you were a lucky one to grab something today, yay for you.  and hugs for doing a good deed for sure.  maybe with that much success they will have another.  


Anonymous said...

Goodness! Ho wonderful! A little bummed I missed it all, sleeping soundly in my bed. Oh well, very happy that it went so well!

Mrs.French said...

I love this...I would love to join your group, I just need to find a fabulous gal-friend photogrpaher...no worries.