Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AUCTION and love thursday

today is a very special day for me, in honor of my 29 gifts challenge i am holding an auction through ebay of 5 of my prints (pictured above).  October being breast cancer awareness month,  100 % of the auction sales  will be directly sent to the Susan G. Komen  breast cancer research center in Philadelphia, PA.  the auction will last 5 days, bids begin at only $10.00.  to better honor this cause i have the pleasure of bringing you a guest post from a mother ~wife ~friend ~inspiration SURVIVOR,  Louise O'Neill.

On Friday June 1, 2007 I got a call from a surgeon with the results of my biopsy. 
"Well Mrs. O'Neill as I suspected you have breast cancer".  
My response was "Oh Shit, Damn".
I'll never forget, I went outside to get some air, gather my thoughts and call my husband and sister.
The first thing I saw when I stepped outside was a ray of hope.  My neighbor was going to her car and I just remembered that she was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago.  And look at her now, she's going somewhere in her car.  Who knew?  I had forgotten.  As I told family, friends and co-workers of my news, so many told me to contact other breast cancer survivors that they knew.  I didn't realize there were so many survivors.  I contacted all that I could.  Some were 1 year, 2 years, 5 or 20 years from their first diagnosis of breast cancer.  And the common thread that these women shared was the advice to think positive, keep your spirits up, it's a bitch,  but if someone wants to help let them and you WILL get beyond this.
        On May 1, 2008, 11 months (surgery, 6 months of chemo and the start of 6 weeks of radiation therapy) later,  my oncologist told me that I was cancer free.  Woohoo!!  I feel greatly blessed for the incredible support I received from family,friends, support group, doctors and people that I don't know.  I also believe in the power of prayer.  
        Thanks to people like Kristin, and countless others, that give their time and love for an incredible cause.  Over the past year my best friend told me something that has echoed through my head over and over again, "ya know, breast cancer is curable!?!".  And a big thanks goes to those other survivors, they have helped me,as my husband told me, " I have willed THIS away from me".

Louise found her own lump through self exam. i know she would stress please ladies remember to check yourself monthly!  you are your own best advocate. 
during Louise's treatment she shared a weekly update via email.  sometimes just a hi and thank you, sometimes an update of who she was spending her day with at the treatment center, what games they were playing to pass the hours, & what trouble they were getting into, and occasionally a beautiful photo of herself.  the above photo was sent out on the final day of her treatment.  and in good Louise spunk and style she threw her hat in the air (revealing her gorgeous re-growth of new hair) and did a celebratory cartwheel right in front of the treatment center!!!  the photo and email were was aptly titled  "I'M DONE!"

so PLEASE to honor Louise, and women everywhere, click  here and make a bid on a little something for yourself  and by doing so give to a worthy cause.    remember auction ends monday.

sincere thanks,  kristin
and special thank you to Louise for her words, her wisdom, & her spirit.
and my hubby for getting it all up on ebay for me.

one last note, the prints show up on the auction with my sunkissed photography watermark on them, that is NOT on the print itself, again no words on the prints.   :) 


leaca said...

Wow. Way to have a girl in tears. Women are the strongest when they are tested to their limits it seems. We are unique that is for sure. My Aunt died from this disease and so it is something I think about often. I am so grateful for the survivors. That means that they are getting closer to a cure.

Kristin you are one of a kind. We are all grateful for your example. I am going to keep you. =)

Anonymous said...

Awwww, so special. What a wonderful guest post. I think as a mum to four girls I am so heightened to this issue. I love you girl, you're such an inspiration!!

mayaluna said...

You're amazing! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring story of survival and hope. Hurray for Louise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your auction is just another phenomenal gift you offer to the world in your magical and generous way! I really do love you and hope one day I will be able to give you more than a "virtual" hug!
xo Maya

kristin said...

thank you ladies!!! this blog world has changed my life! and what better thing than to pass it on. you are all my inspirations. HUGS! and yes a big YAHOOOOOOO for louise. she rocks!

Anonymous said...

oh kristin - what a beautiful way to honor your friend, and so many others. you really do have such a contagious and generous spirit - thank you for all the good you put out into our world.

O. Joy said...

Wow! Inspiring!!! I hope you do an auction again - I would love to purchase something & help when I'm able to!

I've seen this 29 challenge a couple places, but no explanation of what it is..........

Diane said...

Wow, Louise rocks. What a great story. And great you for what you're doing, too! : )

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