Friday, October 31, 2008

happy friday

happy friday!  flare friday and halloween, yay!  i have 2 little kiddos who have been counting the days to knock on our neighbors' doors with their ever so cute "twick or tweet!!!!"  pirate captain kellen and his trusty mate "princess" pirate.  (that's her self given title today) may you all get many treats and no tricks.  sweet weekend and please remember the auction ends monday, thank you all to have bid.  and to everyone who helped spread the word through links and email.  HUGS!


MGF said...

Nice flare in the trees.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Halloweeeeeeen! Love these shots hon. Have a great time Trick or treating!

O. Joy said...

Halloween............ my fave "holiday"!!! Hope the kiddos (& you!) have lots of ghoulish fun!! Love the shots!!

jfrancis said...

of child's play
in the dark.

gem said...

brilliant images! wishing you a brilliant weekend.

Mrs.French said...

the prettiest Halloween post around my dear...hope it was a festive one...B is sugar-crashed and hopefully in bed until late morning...xo