Saturday, October 11, 2008


 had a nice visit with out of town friends today, and met little jay for the first time.  andrew is getting so big and just turned the big 2!  i got a bunch of baby cuddles in.  and what a good baby he is.  kellen was smitten with the baby.  totally not what i expected.  i thought casey would be hugging on him, nope she was busy with her buddy Andrew.  kellen was always so afraid of casey when she was a baby, but that was 2 long years ago now.  he crawled right up on the bed with me and asked to hold Jay.  i co-held, but he was even happy with that.  i didn't take any pics of the baby til right when they were ready to go, and he was strapped all snuggly in his seat.  (duh!)  i guess i was hogging him too much and forgot about the camera.  congrats Mark and Reen and new big brother Andrew, Jay is a keeper!   :)  


Anonymous said...

Awww cute! The best babies are the ones you can hand!

kristin said...

yes i kept telling kellen, yes he is so sweet but mommy is not making you a new one. been there done that. lol

ELK said...

thanks for the memories Kristen ~ lived in NY state when my girls were little and that was a PERFECT fall day!