Sunday, October 12, 2008


that's us, well apple pickers anyway.
went in search of a fall adventure
cozy sweaters
music~orchard man sitting in the bed of his pick-up directing the crowds and playing his guitar
climbing ladders
picnic lunch
eating an apple you just tugged off the tree
leaves , oh the leaves
cider DONUTS!!!!!!!~ warm fresh fried bite-size apple cinnamon sugar goodnessssss
blue sky
pumpkin patch
animals~sheep goats pigs chickens and 1 adorable fuzzy bunny aplty named peter rabbit
tree swing
sunflower and corn field
more cider DONUTS!!!!!!
absolutely  the perfect fall day
brought home a bag of kid picked apples ~macs and cortlands (honey crisps were all gone :(  
2 pumpkins for carving
oh yeah and a bag of cider DONUTS!!!!!!!!

*did i mention they were good?  just checking.

** yes teen mia as usual, off to church, then a party then the movies with a girlfriend, besides she would have been BORED except for the cider DONUTS!!!!   frankly she would have been my competition for those.  

*** totally embarrassing side note here:  we put our loot in the car and headed toward the animal area where a large metal piggy bank made from a barrel and painted pink sits.  here is where you may leave a donation for the care and keep of the animals, all good.  well casey and i are out in front heading toward said pig.
casey says quite loud and CLEAR, "look momma a pig just like you!"  
me:  "huh???!!!"
c: again in case i and all around had not heard her the first time, "look momma a pig JUST LIKE YOU"
me:blushing shrinking not knowing who the heck told her to call me a pig!  grrrrr
c: 1 more time for the masses"MOM-MMMAAA  a pig just like you."  annoyed since i was not getting her great insight to the situation.  
guide her to the live sheep to distract her from repeating it once more. i tell j what she said he of course laughs not knowing why she would say that.  then we pass goats, rabbit, and there they are, 2 pigs in a pen.   she now turns to us both and proudly says... "look daddy a pig just like you"  HAR!!!
now i get it she thinks it was a big pig therefore it is a mommy or daddy pig, not a baby pig!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

**** 1 more thing i promise....  last year i discovered the sweet candy goodness of a honey crisp apple.  i was missing out!  how did this elude me all my years?  now today, apple cider DONUTS!!!  (sorry it truly requires the caps and !!!) now this travesty!  how did i live all these years and never have a cider donut?  truly i was not raised right (sorry mom).  :)


Blogging Molly said...


we're going up to "apple hill" in two weeks - i'll keep my eyes open for apple cider donuts :)

mayaluna said...

What a great day! I think our families were having some parallel play today. We finally went pickin' with Daddy...but alas, no cider donuts! Love the pig confusiona!

kristin said...

oh you poor souls, no cider donuts? i'd say i'd save you some, but well frankly that would be a LIE!. lol
but really you must find some. i never had until today and boy i was missing out!!!!!!

leaca said...

honey crisp are my fave too. cute family. have i see a pic of your teen yet?

kristin said...

oh yeah she was in quite a few of the mosaics the other week, check out "day for daddy", and he black and white hope one, she does exist, just is always at school or running off here and there. the busy free life of a teenager. :)

Anonymous said...

I heart these "themed" photos. You have such an eye for bringing all of the colors together.

We have a cider mill that we visit every fall too. They also have a pumpkin patch and we get a hay ride on the way out to the patch.
We are heading there next weekend and I can't wait! It's my favorite thing to do in the fall.

So glad you all had a wonderful time!!


Nicole Adrianne said...

great pictures. I am jealous of your awesome fall weather.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you celebrate the seasons. Kiwi's are so low-key, we barely celebrate anything!

Gorgeous pics. Love the one of you and bubbles...sorry, that is gonna stick now!

Hahaha on the piggy front!

Jen Lee said...

I love apple picking--we just went a week ago. Your lovely post has inspired me to put up some of my own photos, too.


kristin said...

YAY jen thanks for stopping by. and yes do do put up some pics!!!!