Friday, October 17, 2008

simple giving

simple giving
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the best gifts are the simple ones.
the talented and gracious molly gifted kellen with 2 wonderful acorn necklaces. i spied them on her photo stream and inquired about them and now they are here, acorns included. not just any acorns,  acorns from California!  so now my little gatherer-treasure keeper, has a fall treasure necklace. plus it came addressed to him and well that is just THE best when you are 4. he was SO happy, mail AND acorns!!!! his lucky day. thank you again molly, you made one little guy oh so happy, and his momma oh so thankful.  the kindness continues to amaze me of the world of people i meet each day through flickr and blogland. 


Blogging Molly said...

well you are quite welcome! thank you for the pictures :) it's good to know i can make a little boy's day. i like the acorns with ridges too - wish i could remember which oak tree they came from.

Marjorie said...

Hello, maine momma...
I followed you here from Shutter Sisters on flickr - I love your photography. Then I'm reminded what a small world it is... Molly is my neighbor. Those acorn necklaces are quite the hit!

kristin said...

no WAY! wow now that IS a smal world. well you give her a great big HUG from my son. he is smitten with those necklaces. SMITTEN!