Friday, October 17, 2008

sweet words

i forget so many details of our days.  they blur into one another more times then i would dare admit.  today like most sunny days we took a walk.  this is not particularly special in any way, but today when we rounded the corner to home kellen was asking casey to hold her hand, she was a bit of a grump at that very moment.  i urged her to hold his hand , it seemed important to him.  she did, he smiled, then said with the utmost sincerity, " i like holding your hand casey, its soft like mushrooms and cookies."   this made me giggle and smile and love him so.  i write it here so not to forget.  
he is a sweet sweet boy.


leaca said...

LOL! too cute.

Diane said...

Mushrooms and cookies?! OH, Kellen, so sweet!!

Artful Spirit said...

The things kids say are so cute and funny! Hope you are doing well!!

You've been tagged!!


gem said...

this is one of the sweet*est things i've ever, ever heard. thank you for sharing it here.

Daniela Skrein said...

Please keep them coming! These little words you put on the blog seem insignificant, but are soooo big in it's meaning. They show me how human we are are. How we all have the same needs, to want to love and being loved. Very cute! Thank you!