Saturday, October 04, 2008

a week in the life : saturday~ fall festival

today was a sunnier fall day. i gathered a few packages together for a gift mission to some special women.  on my way home i stopped at my neighbor's yard sale, a framed quilted piece of art caught my eye.  i rounded the driveway to the next table she had laid out and then it saw it. a black suitcase with polaroid inscribed on it.  from the large rectangular shape i immediately thought, could it be a land camera?!?!  opened it and saw yes a polaroid 90 land camera complete with flash, 2 flash cubes, original manual, it was gorgeous.  fearing some one else may be just as excited about such a find i scrounged my van and came up with $5 in change.  so i came home with  both treasures.  oh how i love to thrift sale!    made lunch and took the kids for a ride to the playground.  when we drove by the middle school we found a fall festival and bake sale.  all sales benefitting our elementary school.   we delayed our playground trip while the kids gathered their picks of pumpkins and 2 pretty cupcakes for a treat.  we sat in the leaves while they ate and then hit the school playground to run off some steam.  home for afternoon naps (even daddy got a nap in with kellen).  i made homemade mac-n-cheese and taylor's best friend joined us for dinner and a sleepover. finished the night with slices of  yesterday's chocolate cake.   it was a nice and easy fall saturday.


Anonymous said...

A great wayto celebrate fall. SCORE on the camera!

leaca said...

Love the center photo.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...adore this so. I think these are my favorite fall pics you've taken to date. So much warmth, laughter and family feeling.


Julie Alvarez said...

Oh, it sounds like the perfect fall day! I am happy for you.

Kasey said...

what beautiful children! found you thru m french.