Sunday, October 05, 2008

a week in the life : sunday

today was just a day for family fun. dropped off  taylor and her girlfriend, raina, from the sleepover.  then relaxed around home, took kids outside and we rediscovered toys left in the garage from spring that we had forgotten about all summer.  it was like brand new toy love, funny how that works at this young age.  out of sight out of mind, then return and it is like brand new.  lol.  it was also a day of firsts, casey tried on the roller skates i had thrifted months ago and had a few assisted turns around the driveway.  then the neighbor brought out an old scooter of theirs and gave it to the kids.  kellen tried it out right away, and for never having been on one, he did really well all on his own.  casey was right behind him wanting her turn and also gave her stuffed  puppy a ride on it as well. we took a car ride to look at a possible new (to us) vehicle.  came home had lunch and then naps. i did not seek out giving today, other than the usual family giving, but today giving came knocking.  a little guy all dressed in his boy scout uniform, with his dad and little sister as moral support selling all kinds of popcorn.  i ordered some caramel corn,  mmmmmmmm.   with the $ he raises his troop will get to take a trip to a science museum in boston for a sleepover, COOL!  then i made dinner and after the  kids played "trick or treat" with their pumpkin buckets, can't hurt to practice getting all that candy right?   they would pretend to knock and each time pretend to be something or someone different, it was really cute.  kellen is the instigator of all these games, but casey is right there beside him following his every lead.  she is just a sponge when it comes to her big brother.  now it is GAME DAY!  (no patriot fans here sorry)  we are a steelers family.  so casey is in bed and kellen and daddy are behind me on the couch watching the game together as i type.  WAY past his bedtime but hey its game day.   ;)   and fun 1 on 1 time with dad.

so ends my "a week in the life" challenge from ali edwards and shutter sisters.  it was a bit time consuming, but now sitting back and viewing the collages and words makes me happy.  i was also happily surprised how once i got rolling, i could see a thread through each mosaic.  a new way to tie my photos together in a group, a common color scheme, or mood.   i am still NO scrap booker.   boy it takes work and i am only doing it cyberly.  lol.  so kuddos to all those moms out there who snap the photos, print them, arrange them so specially with doodads and craft supplies, KUDDOS!  perhaps i'll keep this up but on a week in review type basis.  1 collage a week.   thanks for hanging with me this week and indulging in our day to day.      
goodnight all!


kristen said...

i've loved your week in the life...i'm pretty obsessed with maine right now (i've never been) so i love coming here, well lurking really, and having a peek.

kristin said...

heee well thanks for unlurking and saying hello. maine is a beauty in fall for sure, but fleeting.

Anonymous said...

Your mosaics are so beautiful! You've inspired me to try again, I don't think I have the knack for it.

And your daddy day post is so sweet, what a need idea!

I'm so glad to have found you through SS. Being able to see your photographic talent is such a blessing to me. Have you been noticing that giving results in a gift in return?

You started my day with a smile already today ~ well my kids are still sleeping though :)

Thank you, Claudia

kristin said...

well thank you.

Anonymous said...

You pack SO much into your days. Wow. Love how you end up with a color combo each day too.
Beautiful greenish pics today!

kristin said...

aw andie you know how it is, you have 4 kids they pack it all in FOR you. "momma lets do this, momma i wanna ride my bike, momma lets go outside, momma...." you get the picture. they are my motivators for sure! no sitting on your butt round here. though i'm up for tryin'. LOL

Sew Fab Martha said...

I have really enjoyed your mosaics! You do great work in your photo choices with colors and light connecting them into the whole mosaic!

kristin said...

hank you so much. it was fun and i am so glad to have them and i do hope to remember to do one once week.