Wednesday, October 01, 2008

a week in the life: wednesday

wednesday october 1, 2008.  
today i committed to the 29 gifts challenge.  i was inspired, still am, but today had a way of getting in the way as life often does.  got up gave hubby a ride to the garage for his car.  went to my mom's t pick up kellen and she made ME pancakes.  that was a really nice treat.  simple yes, but to someone who cooks 3-4 meals a day every day, this was a special and welcome treat.  played a little there and then headed home.  it was raining again so not much for shooting this morning.  came home and hit the yellow pages, determined to find a few places where giving would be welcome, encouraged, and or needed.  looked up "crisis" in the phone book only to find that it is atop the yellow pages partnered with "dancing".   this just struck me so completely ironic.  something so sad and so happy all in one sentence, the ying and yang of life i guess.  got in touch with a helpful contact. hung up the phone folded the laundry and as i rounded the corner of the couch i impaled  my foot on something very sharp.  hopped back to the couch where i see a now have a wooden toothpick through my sock and into the soft part of my foot,  let's just say it hurt , A LOT.  i tried to pull it out no luck.  i couldn't see how deep it was in since part of it had broken, and i couldn't get my sock off either it was stuck in the splintered part.  now what, frustrated and upset i was NOT going to call some assistance for a toothpick in my foot!  but i still could not loose it and it was throbbing now.  i forgot hubs had a half day so when i called he was just heading out for his study time, he said he'd come right home and help me.  i went to my room crying now with the frustration, pain, and stupidity of it all.  here i was on a mission, now here i sit on my bed, in tears, with a toothpick stuck in my foot.  my being upset upset kellen instantly.  he is very sensitive to other's feelings.  he looked nervous and sad, told me to take a deep breath, which is SO what i say when they hurt themselves in hopes of a good breath will calm them and stop the tears.  now here he is at 4 giving me my sage advice.  he then left my room only to quickly return with his most prized possession, his blanket.  "here mommy purple will make you feel better, please don't cry"  well it broke my heart wide open.  he gave it to me along with his pirate puppet.  so sweetly so sincerely.  true giving.  giving what he prizes most, what he truly cannot do without (at 4) to me, to make me better.  i joined the 29 gift project in hopes of showing them, my little ones, the gift of giving, well here they knew it all along.  it melted me, i had a really GOOD cry.  hubby came home cut off my sock and pulled out the toothpick and cleaned it up for me.  so as you see my big plans for today got interrupted by life, but also showed me how simple gifts from those you love, and who love you, are always the best.  to end the night we had meatball subs for dinner, all 3 kids played and i took a round of snapshots to make my mosaic for the day.  i gave the kids a bath, and a bedtime snack, and of course lots of hugs & kisses and "snug as a bugs" .  here's to tomorrow. happy giving! xo

oh and if you are wondering why a toothpick was just lying randomly on my rug, well my teen is doing a 3-D art project with, well TOOTHPICKS!  argggggh.


Anonymous said...

Ouch!! Hugs. Kellen made ME all teary, what a sweet soul.

Anonymous said...

Woman! Wow, what a day huh!! A photographer and a great story teller to boot you are. I am so glad your foot is healing and your heart was filled by those adorable little souls of yours.
Perfect, perfect, perfect (minus the toothpick in the foot).

Anonymous said...

Crap Momma! freakin toothpick right in the soft part! why couldn't it hit your heel?? I know nothing except for something shot thru a nail gun would get thru mine! SMILE I like your life journal entries-makes me feel like I'm almost there (and I will be soon BIG SMILE). hope your day is smoother today-love you!

Diane said...

Oh my lord, I was feeling bad for you and then laughing at how you told the story about the toothpick impaled in your footsie and then I got all teary about Kellen... I think I better go back to bed. That was a lot of emotion packed into a short amount of time!

kristin said...

heee sorry diane, maybe i should have a warning on t his one: "please read with box of kleenex."

kristin said...
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Claire, said...

I love the idea of this giving challenge. I love giving and as a mum we're always giving and receiving.
Beautiful post.