Tuesday, November 11, 2008

road trippin' day 2 - traveling on down the road.

ok well i am stuffed and got a few rows of knitting done with diane so now my bags are loaded up and i am heading south, jersey baby, to grab one crazy fun lady susan (better known as auntsmack4u's) and her band of flickr peeps from all over the tri state area, really there are too many to link.  i mean come on, this crew seems to party with their cameras ever flippin' weekend and then bless (and torture) us with their zany uploads.  their shots, comments and tags all make me want to drive the 7 plus hours.  truly their shots are great, but more than the beauty of them, they make me want to know the people behind the lens.  they eat (mmmm me want some greek goodness from Zorbas), they drink, they jump, they shoot, take their obligatory DHB shots (Damn Hell Bathroom , susan says her favorite mirror is at the Triumph Brewery. yeah they are funny),  recently i spotted  blonde wig and little letters.   props people, they bring PROPS!  i am from PA so NYC was alwasys  right up the road.  i  L O V E  NYC.  always have.  went on a bus trip there each christmas as a kid.  and to further my connection to susan who lives in jersey, i too lived in central jersey in my early teens. (exit 7A of the turnpike baybeee).  in the time when it was so good to be "Born in the USA", dang bruuuuuce was HOT then, & the shore was the place to be. they seem to hang a lot in NYC so in NYC i want to go eat here so i can say i did, even though Anthony will not be there to prepare it and come hang, perhaps his sexy spirit lives on in the steak frites. oh and if you need a funny read go get Kitchen Confidential.  ANYONE who has ever worked in food service will laugh out loud nodding wildly while reading this book.  promise.  and if you were 1 of 10 people that caught an episode of the failed tv version of the book, please do not use that as your guide for the book, the book ROCKS, the show did not!  
so so so many things to do from NJ to NYC. 
Asbury Park~Madam Marie~Great Adventure~Wildwood~The Stone Pony (who knows maybe bruce or jon bonjovi will stop by)~MOMA(maybe see some unexpected sights while having lunch in the MOMA***see top left picture for meaning there!!!)~chinatown~little italy~central park (sigh)~ ice skate at rockefellar center~carriage ride~radio city~broadway~times square and visit everyones friend the naked cowboy~the yankees(yes yankees people) ~eat street food~be a beautiful person sipping frozen hot chocolate from serendipity~lady liberty~and of course you must go to ground zero. MUST.  i have been there a few times since i was a kid, and done most of that, and never tire of it.  i feel so alive there, exhilarated, quickened, you just walk and walk and walk and then walk some more.  i guess i have a crush on NYC.  plus who doesn't love movies like Serendipity and You've Got Mail (sigh) that one STILL gets me, i want to be meg ryan and the girl from the shop around the corner!!!!  i am developing a new crush on Brooklyn, maybe susan can take me there.  park slope~coney island~the music~ the arts~ the food. until then i say...
this stop requires way more than 1 song...(they are all linked to youtube so take a look & listen...) and truthfully you should not say NJ without the boss, and my picks are not the typical but this is my  trip, my rules.  :) 
#1  is my favorite, i sing it LOUD,   song of Bruce's   "Candy's Room"
#2  (1 more bruce because i heard it today on the radio and it made me smile and gosh little steven looks like such a pirate. love that) "Out In the Street" 
#3  this song just because. it is just plain quirky and fabulous as i imagine those flikcr peeps all are too, the B-52's "Private Idaho" 
#4  a little Beastie Boys "No Sleep til Brooklyn" 
#5   Bishop Allen "Click Click Click"  because  there will be a LOT of clicking going on, the band is from brooklyn, and props to the camera in the video!

and #6 for susan...  she said she loves RHCP so here's another i love more for the video, it is SO fun to watch, ...  "Can't Stop"
"Can't stop the spirits when they need you 
This life is more than just a read thru "  amen.

ok this was FUN.

where oh where to go tomorrow????

all photos above (**minus the half naked  Gates lady, that one is mine all mine) are the gracious susan's who was totally on board and pre approved my mosaic.  thanks susan!


jodi said...

love it!!!

kristin said...

(phew) yay!!!! you and your crew really rock. i hoped you'd like.

auntsmack said...

beyond awesome!

yang said...

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