Wednesday, November 12, 2008

daydream road trippin' day 3~ love thursday in the city of brotherly love

hanging 1 more day here in the tri state area (in my mind anyway) .  i have to spend it with my bff jen and the streets of Philadelphia.   it is love thursday why not spend it in the city of brotherly love?  jen and i met years back far from the city, but now she and her hubs are city living.  i will take advantage of her relocation and hop her new home.  i was born, and for the most part, raised north of philadelphia.  and even being so close my only exposure to it was as a teen to hit JFK and the Spectrum for concerts and a random sporting event (speaking of sports PROPS to the Phillies, new world series champions)  other than that philly was a dark scary mystery of murder and mayhem and drugs, at least that is what the media always tells ya.  so i never got to know it, it scared me, and i can now say what a shame.  i went a few months back to spend a weekend there and wow.  i even had my 2 little kids along and still , wow!  we had SO much fun and even kid fun!  city fountains and parks and carousels and museums and food (oh yessss the food) 
so here are a few things if you are traveling in to philly you should take a look. 
1- The Magic Garden.  an urban fairy tale labyrinth of glass , sculpture and mosaics.  the truly magical creations throughout the city by artist Isaiah Zagar.  
2- Franklin Square Park to ride the carousel
3- the city fountain system,  my 2 faves by far were the Swann Memorial Fountain (we waded in that one!!) and Washington Memorial Fountain
4- "art after 5" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, pack a picnic , bring some wine, bring the kids, and sit on the huge steps (yes the steps, the ones Rocky ran up) and enjoy free jazz and stroll the exhibits after 5pm on fridays.  very cool.  
5- outdoor summer concerts at the Mann, picnic basket, a blanket , the orchestra  for only 10 bucks!
SO many historical sights to see many many more museums, sports venues a plenty, music, everything a big city has to offer.  
now food.  well being a PA girl, no one make a sandwich like philly.  italians, philly cheese steaks, oh how i miss thee!!!! for real people, deep longing.  beyond the  philly cheesesteak a few faves for food for me are...
Dimitri's (byob) fabulous and more than reasonable and THE fluffiest hummus and fresh grilled pita bread and a plate of grilled octopus, i know, octopus??? yes really. so so good.
Monk's Cafe i had never been til my last trip and wow was i missing out.  MUST order the steamed mussels with pomme frites.  you get your very own pot of mussels, yes the pot, the fresh cut double fried fries come with their secret recipe bourbon mayo for dipping.  let me tell you that stuff is pure heaven.  no wonder it is a secret.  i would spread it on anything and everything.  i am not above licking the ramekin it comes in.
the Reading Terminal Market for just about ANYTHING you could want to eat. DiNics juicy pork sandwich highly recommend and Bassetts ice cream for dessert.
big cities are great for authentic ethnic foods of every variety, a giant melting pot of people = some of THE best food you will ever have.  we had mexican take out that could set a fire alarm off it was so hot, good but wow.
and of course South Street for all your freaky fantasies.  

ok tunes! 
this is more a jen and momma playlist (nights out dancing, local live bands) than a philly playlist, so here goes.....
1 word ECLECTIC 

What i Got  Sublime
Down 311
Bust a Move Young MC (try not to dance i dare you)
Man in  the Box not Possum Kingdom, both by our buddy mike moore's band, 3 Hour Tour. (nights at The Ugly Oyster in Reading or The Cemetery)  (don't judge we are really good girls)
Laid by James  **** this one i totally forgot about, Jen helped with with some tunes.  the chorus, i can't stop singing it.  i will jumping around all day today singing this song!  love love love this jen.
Fly (by Sugar Ray ) but for us it was the best cover band EVAH, Green Eggs and Spam!!!!! wed nights at the Firehouse oh the good old days.. really good, really old, days.
Tangerine Speedo by Caviar (just because)
anything Ella (Fitzgerald) and Etta (James) 2 ladies of soul, throw in some Al Green, Dusty Springflield, Sinatra, & Black Crows, ok maybe that covers it..... and maybe not.
Tonya Brown aka Queen B (we miss you) awesome local jazz singer but passed away FAR too soon.

and a little song love for my philly friend, You've Got a Friend, i like Carole King's version best, but james Taylor is no slouch either, the words are beautiful."

any spots you love in philly?????

where should we go next?


Cynthia said...

This is so incredible!!!

Monks and Dimitri's are fabulous, mmmmm mussels. I am loving your road trip.

kristin said...

oh you live there, where do you go???!!! inquiring minds want to know.

leaca said...

sounds like you are having a good time.

Shalet said...

Love that Love sign! Great photograph!

Blogging Molly said...

oh my goodness - love all your video links. i totally remember walking to the record store to buy the james cd - "this bed is on fire with passion and love" - love that. and you might just appreciate this - we were on our way home last night and someone scrawled across the stop sign "hammer time" - as in "stop. hammer time." i laughed out loud and told the kids what it meant. i should show them the video.

and just because i'm writing a book here, i'll add another chapter. you inspired me to go out and take pictures of our maple tree - which is ablaze with yellow leaves. so there i was, standing in front of my house, feet shoulder width apart, holding a leaf above my head with one hand and my camera in the other hand, taking picture after picture, when i had the feeling i was being watched. yes, the man down the street was standing in his driveway, smoking a cigarette and watching me take pictures. of a leaf. the end.

auntsmack said...

lovin the ride sister!

kristin said...

lol molly!!!! let him stare. the cig is a nice touch too. seriously if you were ever to go out and take pics with ME i am sure i could embarrass you alot more than staring up at a leaf, i get in the dirt, on my belly IN THE CITY!!! swear. so funny. but i know that feeling, in the moment i don;lt think about it at all, til i get up and the look around. like oh who saw that???!!! LOL

gonzomama said...

i love philly! such a tourist friendly town. so easy to get around and sooo much to do there. i stayed at a hotel across from the market. i could spend a month in the art museum. i went on business and crammed as much as i could into my short stay.
i would road trip with you any day momma!
gotta go listen to bust a move now.

molly - you are too funny.

Anonymous said...

i am not above licking the ramekin it comes in.

You SO funny!

kristin said...

no hay not funny just HONEST! i would lick YOUR ramekin if it had that in it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a day late and a few dollars short-haha. But this whole post made me smile till it hurt. You describe Philly better than I can! That was such a great visit when you were here-a lot of happiness:)) And so many good old memories, I cherish them too and still have the shoes Queen Bee commented on. God rest her soul. Do you remember the Dead cover band at Tommy's? They were fabulous too and I haven't been able to find them since! Talk about the old days...I remember Tommy smacking my ass when I paid my cover one night to see them! Now that's a hoot, I'd pay someone to do that now! I love stop hammer time story! Now I am stuck in memory lane and soooo do not want to leave to reality and study today. C'est la vie. Thanks for the tribute to our younger, tighter assed days! xoxo

kristin said...

speak for your self, you and your money pants!!! oh yeah hard body. me ummm well at least my boobs were higher back then! yeah i think i'd pay a stranger to slap my ass and whistle at me too. that's self esteem for ya! lol hugs jen!!!!!!!!! ok dragging self to shower NOW

Cynthia said...

Whenever people come to visit my husband and I in philly it usually revolves around food. Unless it is a group of flickrers and then it's all about the shooting. However, I love Seafood Unlimited on 20th street for happy hour (which lasts from 5pm til closing every single day). The Famous 4th Street Deli on 4th and Bainbridge is incredible and definitely will leave you full. Pietro's, North 3rd, Standard Tap, My Thai, The Latest Dish... I could keep listing restaurants. The Italian Market is a great place to be on Saturday as well as Rittenhouse Square.

When are you coming back here??

kristin said...

cynthia after the new year i am hoping to fly in for a long weekend no kids this time. just me. i told our pal susan if it happens i will email her ahead of time and maybe i could piggy back on a flickr meet up. that would rock.

kristin said...

and oh yes the Italian market in any city os a place to be. italians know food!

mayaluna said...

I don't know which was more pleasurable to read... the post or the conversations, I mean comments! Awesome trip... I've never been. When I do go, I might have to take you with me... you and Jen seem to do it just right!