Thursday, November 20, 2008

daydream road trippin' TGIF with goldie

i am picking up one wild mamacita, strawberry goldie.  now i KNOW i cannot hang with her. no way, no how, LIGHTWEIGHT right here.  but no trip to the south would be complete without her. so BEEP BEEP heather wake up its bubbles!!!!!! plus i am pretty sure we made a pact for margaritas a long time back now.  she is cut from the same cloth as i , foodservice. she knows what a chit is, a hot plate, runners, terms like can i get a push, full hands in full hands out, back dock, expo, refire, need something on the fly and to be in the weeds! it is a sub culture for those who have never been.  a soap opera life of who is seeing who, who took who in the walk-in, they did what to that food, who stole what? (no i am not joking)  yeah you are so better off never knowing. but a tight knit gang of hooligans that will be your friends for life. some of my dearest friends are from the restaurant biz, and my hubby. yep picked him up at TGIFridays too.   we have served and sweated and made some kick butt food and drinks for the masses.  anyone who has done it, also knows really well how to cut loose.  after a full shift, sometimes double shifts, of serving others, all you want is to have a good time blow off some steam and hang with the staff. goldie personifies all of this and wraps up mommahood in there too.  it is a juggling act i now all too well.  and it is addictive, you try to get out, but you always go back.  i know she gets this. so lets go cut loose in her neck of the woods in NC . for breakfast we are going to the Tartan, inn Linville.  she says fresh coffee, traditional breakfast items done well, REALLY WELL.  sold me!  then we are driving on up to Grandfather Mountain , one i have seen many a gorgeous shot of in her stream.  where i live it is flat, you don't have to go far to find mountains ,  but heather is surrounded by this mountainous beauty.  her landscapes are so stunning.  we will take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and check out a little village of Blowing Rock and for kellen, (  i will transport him here on this leg of the trip just for this. before pirates  it was trains 24 -7) we will take a ride on the historic number 12 steam locomotive at Tweetsie Railroad.  for a sweet fix we can hit Kilwin's and sugar overdose!  probably not a good idea before lunch, but heck it is friday!!!!!  now lunch.   mmmmm i smell burritos.  i love mexican.  (really now i love food. who am i trying to kid)  so we are hitting Black Cat Burrito for some food and those MARGARITAS BABY! original,on the rocks, with extra salt for me!   and checking out their site it says they have live music on occasion.  ok feeling woooozie.  then we will go hang out with her cutie boys at Tate Evan's Park for some serious play.  and i mean CUTIE.   for dinner we can hang at her and her hubby's work place, Bella's.  i hear they have FABulous italian.  :)  after i put on my fat pants from all this food, ( you now what i mean the comfy stretchy pants in your drawer!!!)  off to Bayou for and easy laid back beer.  she says it where the locals go, and ANYONE who nows ANYTHING, goes where the locals go!!!  best food , best prices , best atmosphere is where the locals are at.   i am sure we will drink and dance and drink and dance, repeat til the wee hours of the morn.  but in the morning ohhhh i smell BISCUITS!  uh-huh.  and some gravy.  sigh....  yep her man can make me some. i have been drooling over her biscuit shots for EVER.  i do have one little side trip for miss goldie and me... a little birdie told me she was from new orleans no less.  SO i have never been and who better to show me a good time there than her?  we will hit NOLA for some cafe au lait and beignets at the world famous Cafe du Monde.  and of course we will need  some beads.  well she can gather the beads... i've seen her SP's she is beeeooootiful.  yes flickr girls gone wild.  thanks heather i am more than pooped out from all this excitement.  
what plays in goldie's ear???
Bill Withers ~ Lovely Day
Genesis ~ Follow You Follow Me  (*** funny genesis was my first live concert at 14)
Beyonce ~ Single Ladies
Robin Thicke~ Magic

and for me....
good old Lynyrd Skynyrd (it has to be Ronnie singing)~ Simple Man
Dusty Springfield ~ Son of a Preacher Man
Duffy ~ Mercy
Laryn Hill~ Doo Wop

ok a bit more travels... of to the west coast.  see a there soon.

happy weekend all and happy FLARE FRIDAY! 


Heather said...

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! How much fun was that?? And the side trip to NOLA? Nice. Didn't see that one comin'. :)

And? You hit the nail on the HEAD about restaurants. It is a whole other world.

Much love to you, my friend! One day, girl...margaritas for REAL.

Artful Spirit said...

You will be spending the weekend where I grew up! I have been all those places, went to college at Appalachian State which is in Boone, NC right around the corner from Blowing Rock...ahh memories. I spent the first several years of my working life in food service before abandoning it for retail...should've stayed in food service:) Enjoy your weekend!!

O. Joy said...

Ah! You lucky girls! Hi Strawberry! What a great place to go & have fun!!!! Yay!!

leaca said...

Aw how fun is that?! Love Heather's work.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Hey! That's where I live.....Boone!!