Monday, November 24, 2008

turning in: indoors and inward

the weather has turned for good.  winter's chill has taken hold.  frost every morning, now we await the snow.  the weather has been a concern for me and my shooting each day.  but this weekend proved fruitful indoors.  turning inward looking at the simple things in a new way.  i casted on my new needles on friday and am on my way to a pretty brown scarf. ( i cannot thank diane enough for this. visiting her made me see i CAN do it and then when i came home she nudged me more to try.  it has even rekindled taylor's interest.  friday she and i sat together and knit on my bed.  i am really enjoying it SO much.)  kellen, casey, and i baked homemade sugar cookies together, and then ate them together.  a nice warm cookie with nice cold milk, mmmm comfort.  and we granted our little boy's wish to decorate a bit.  we strung lights outdoors and even a few strings inside.   the lights really make the house look beautiful.  it was a really nice family weekend.  we still ventured outdoors for a few walks,  but retreated to the comfort and warmth that is home. 

daydream road trippin' continues tomorrow with a west coast segment.  here i come andie and traci, and a few others i would stalk out there.   lol  

***AND, i am over HERE today chatting with leaca answering her "7 questions" . 
 so today come road trip with me to Alaska and meet a great lady friend, leaca through her blog and images
 thank you Leaca for inviting me!  :) 


leaca said...

Thanks for answering my questions. I have had so much fun doing this. I love picking the brains of my favorite photographers.

gkgirl said...

loved this post...
so much goodness...
made me want to get up right now
and get back to work on
the baby sweater i'm knitting
right after i put a few
twinkling lights
but first
to make
some sugar

{and truth be told,
before i do any of that,
i'm going to read your answers
at leaca's...heehee}

kristin said...

hee- hee!