Tuesday, November 18, 2008

daydream road trippin'~day 6 on the wild side

ok well we have established several times over that this is an imaginary trip, so yes i left philly drove to TX and now i am going where?  FL???!!!  duh, but hey i can go backwards if i wish.  i am pretty backwards anyway so why not take the trip back.  and today is not for the tame.  oh no, today is well frankly a bit wild.  i had a wild side once, not sure where it went, but trust i had one (oh the stories many can tell) .  so off to grab a day with 2 fun ladies of the eighties crash and zoo. 2 bffs that ooze fun and love and creativity.  QUIRKY!  love it.  funky!  style!  GREAT HAIR! (i hear crash gives a mean style) sweet ink!  also mommas!  yep i think just the girls to party with in the sunny south.  and oh did i mention they love to thrift???  AHHHH my therapy!  $20 and a good thrift store can equal a happy happy day.  so many secrets i am revealing on these trips.  SO i asked zoo to play tour guide and she happily obliged.   let the tour begin, but first mimosas!  hey its oj!  (oh and vodka HAY that is for you)  Tomato Cafe & Tea Room is the place to go.  funky hats, that yes they put on, and mimosas in havana.  mmmmmm.   ok now back in the convertible vw,  80's music cranking.  to their stomping grounds of tallahassee.  fresh ink you ask?  well sure.  it has been many a year since i had my last tattoo,  it is addictive, and ART.  i do not regret my 2, i still itch for more, i see some ladies with a great one and it makes it itch even more.  (hubby is aware of this, no need to feel concerned, actually encourages) so we are off to see Alain at Euphoria and then next door to What's the Point to get my nose piercing redone. (***tip from crash, brown listerine, jen are you reading this???? my bff and i got our noses pierced a year ago.  mine failed miserably, hers is still going strong but flares up every now and then, so his tip is for her) ok back to the block.  as if  this block wasn't already cool enough they tell me an awesome thrift shop named avant garb is right next to that!  SCORE!  all your vices in one stop shop.  i want a pair of glasses like THESE!  now dinner, because trifting can work up an appetite.  we are off to bella bella for their bubble bread (bubble bread for bubbles, sounds right)  soft gooey bread with melty gorgonzola cheese smothering the top, and for dipping, some marinara sauce.  oh ymmmmmm.  then we'll end the night with some cold beers at Finnegan's Wake, though i have seen many a wine bottle in their stream.   i think a day with these crazy creative fun ladies i might need the ER for fluids, but hey i am up for the challenge.  
ooops almost forgot the playlist.  this too is compliments of darla (zoogal) 
their style reflects their love of an era, the 80's.  
depeche mode ~ personal jesus
janis(not the 80's)~ tell mama

few my faves from this era...
modern english ~ melt with you (have you seen nick cage in Valley Girl??? NO???!!! oh so funny)
psychedelic furs~ pretty in pink (yes i loved ducky!!!)
i wanna be sedated
men without hats~safety dance (ssssaaaaffffeeeettttyyyysafesafesafesafedancedancedancedance) 
violent femmes~ blister in the sun

thanks ladies. keep on soaking up that bff love!  
oh and PROPS to the herkies! 

come on back tomorrow.  i am GOLDEN (hint hint wink wink)


Anonymous said...

Golden? Wha.....? I hate waiting. I hate anticipation. Oh the agony!

CRASHcandy said...

this is fantastic!! we had a fabulous day trip with girl...

you are so fun.

Diane said...

Florida and the Daily Click in one day! Perfect. Golden... let's see... where are you going???

kristin said...

thanks diane! xo

kristin said...
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gonzomama said...

what a great trip. i could have hand picked that soundtrack too!
although i love this version of
tell mama

Sew Fab Martha said...

What a fun trip!!!
And the mosaic is so fab!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..of course you can go backwards if you want! You crack me up. Love your road trip ((THIS)) much.

Mrs.French said...

this is about the coolest thing I have encountered all week...xo