Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so it begins

last year this time, we had had our first snow.  and well you all know what happened after it started, it didn't stop for months.  it was a record setting year last year in maine.  the first snow is so beautiful, i am not a total hag when i comes to winter, but when it stays white on the ground for 5 months i grow more than weary. today i woke to the first really hard frost, the sun is shining and everything is glittering with fine ice.  kellen is so ready for snow, i don't have the heart to tell him i am not.  the snowsuits the gloves that never stay on, the melty mess by the door, the mass of laundry, the crying of 1 small person to go in and the pleading of another to stay out, hard to be 2 places at once.  i hope for a few fluffy snows, snowmen, sled rides, but i too hope for some melting this winter.  small reprieves in between the storms.  who knows maybe this year it will be easier, we were in the thick of it last year and casey was just too small for the size of it all.  she did NOT want to go out.  she slipped on all the hard snow and ice.  plus it was taller than she was early on and stayed that way til spring.  so today it begins, the chill of winter.  i will try my best to find the beauty in it all.  and whine a little less.  i will try*.   :)
*** note that is not a promise.  lol

just saw this quote and thought it fitting for this post. maybe i need to think of storms in THIS way.

"Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”  - john muir


leaca said...

I am with you on this winter thing. My kids are excited so I try to be. Beautiful shots.

jfrancis said...

Hard not to Love!

Cynthia said...

I am always in awe of your photographs... they look like visions you have during a daydream.

As much as I love the anticipation of snowfall I don't really like trudging through it when it turns brown and slushy like.

kristin said...

oh cynthia thank you and you are SO right, first sows so pure and white, hen muck and brown and salt filled, especially in the city where you are, gets dirty fast!

Shawna said...

I'm still stuck on the magic side of snow, probably because I rarely have to suit up kids just to go outside and I haven't had to drive through a snowstorm in a while. :O) But one of my winter photo goals is to capture a snowflake, and your last picture has me hoping I can!

CeeCee said...

Your photographs are wonderful.

We were due for snow here today but its stayed away, it has been a bright but bitterly cold day.

The snow is great when you don't have to get on with life trudging to work in the brown slush is not fun. But looking out a white mountain while you are cosy inside after a day out enjoying it, bliss!

steph said...

I love hearing a real person talk about snow in Maine. I don't believe anyone who tries to show me how much good comes out of months of snow: muffins, crafts, yadayada. It's like the heat in Texas, and I'll be the first to bitch about it, come August. I totally understand the weariness that comes with either extreme. I'll even complain about endless sunshine in CA.
One thing I know is that you'll turn any disregard for the weather into art, and I'll sit by the fire with ya all winter flipping through your photostream in awe. You have a tenacious pursuit of great photography; I love you camera's eye.


Paula said...

I hear ya.

kristin said...

thank you steph, yes you have to watch what you say. some think you are boo-hooing too much, but extremes are just that, harshness in one way or another. and i have lived years in FL where there are no seasons and missed them. so i have been to both ends of the spectrum. the older i get the less i tolerate these long winters though. i am sure if i were 4 like kellen i would be sitting by the window in anticipation. if i could bottle a wee bit of that it would help.

Diane said...

If you figure out how to bottle love-of-winter I will take a bottle, please. Stat. Today we slip-slided all over the roads and the snow was coming down and down and all I could think: NO!!! FIVE MORE MONTHS!!!


I think trying to find the beauty in it with your camera might be just the ticket.

www.pepperpaints.com said...

I hate the cold. I love snow, but not he cold. And it's here. And I am not ready for it. I feel your pain! But beautiful photos.

Jen Lee said...

I've been wondering how you all fare the winters up in Maine. I imagine the snow is so intense. I thought it would be like that here in NYC, but I guess we're low enough that we get rain most of the time you get snow. We might see our first flakes tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you!