Thursday, November 13, 2008

road trip day 4 ~ rest stop

rest stop.
gassing up, shower & resume travels on monday... it has been a fun ride but now i am traveling south and west away from my known hood.  that requires some homework and maps, definitely maps!  so i will leave you with a weekend playlist... seems everyone has enjoyed some of the tunes, though i would graciously accept any and all suggestions. (please help) 
again i am all over the place with my music.  but by now you can probably guess that is just me. messy mixed up wandering gypsy heart me.   music is therapy and memory.
no woman no cry mr bob marley... i have longed for a boy to dedicate that to me. hapless romantic
home foo fighters ballad off their so awesomely titled album echoes silence patience grace.  i love those words. and ohhhh dave be still my heart
motherland (hauntingly beautiful) natalie merchant
calico skies (THE song i will dance to with kellen if he chooses to marry)  it makes my heart ache and my eyes tear every time i hear it. every single time.
wonderful tonight eric clapton (first love)
rock and roll eric hutchinson -pure light and fun
you are the best thing ray lamontagne such an old school sexy sound
just for now imogen heap - crazy crazy talent you have to watch this one.
save me aimee mann
biko peter gabriel music activism
closer to fine indigo girls- girls+guitars+harmonies= love
jane says jane's addiction steel drums and yes in this version RHCP's flea is on bass, bonus!
fat bottom girls queen (oh freddie how you are missed)
everyday dave matthews band because this video is so so sweet....  i could keep going but i'll leave you with this:

even if you don't listen to any of the songs DO click on the above link.  i have linked it before, but in case you have not seen it it is very worth a watch.  how doesn't love a good hug?
happy friday and sweet weekend. XO

***send songs
 what plays on the soundtrack of your life?  


Julie Alvarez said...

I adore Closer to fine!
-Also, Jewel returned to my speakers yesterday, haven't heard her for a while. And I love her. And I sing her a little.
-Ani Di Franco.
-David Bowie (there's always a Bowie around here).
-Lots of Peter Gabriel too (Zoe's favorite on the car).
-Some uruguayan music (Jaime Roos right now).
-Dave Matthews.
-Puente Celeste (from Argentina).

marina said...

I just watched free hugs and I thought it was AWESOME! It made me feel so GOOD. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love "fat bottom girls"'s my song of choice while working out.


Steph Parke said...

Can I join you on your imaginary road trip? I need to get away!

Thanks for the Free Hugs link. I cried. I could use one today.