Saturday, December 13, 2008

beware: unkind letter to mall santa

dear mall santa,
you kinda suck today
but you do.
2 kids with cabin fever and colds
far too icy and cold today to play outside
had to cancel company since we are now a house of germs
this also canceled us getting our christmas tree today that we were to all decorate together
so what do we decide to do to cheer up this sick, disappointed lot?  suit up and head to  the mall to visit santa.  of course that will be the perfect medicine.  who wouldn't feel a little better after sitting on santa's lap and maybe getting a candy cane?
drive to mall 
circle unusually full parking lot, stalking people for a spot... (now in hindsight not only is it 2 weeks pre christmas crunch but also extra crowded due to all  the Mainers  unfortunately still out of power from the massive outages.  guessing at the mall to stay warm and get a bite to eat)
go in, eat quick lunch at food court, head to center of mall in search of man in red suit
there you are surrounded by twinkle lights, stuffed elves, and fake snow
kids are bouncing with anticipation & smiling with joy.
all thoughts of sickness melted away.
search for the end of the line
huh? roped off??? what?  
last lady in line says, 'yeah no one else is allowed in line santa is taking a break from 1-2.'  (it is now 12:30) 
so 2 sick kids,  a cold, useless trip to the mall to stare at santa from behind ropes and watch others get to sit on his lap where mine do not.  yeah great, thanks a lot mall santa!  that in no way made anyone feel better.  no,  in fact it made them a whole lot worse.  crying makes your nose run a lot more.

one disgruntled momma
***please know of course i understand even mall santa needs a lunch, has to keep up that whole belly full of jelly thing, i get that, but note to mall, perhaps hire 2 mall santas!  or a stand in santa while santa #1 has an hour lunch.  news flash, everyone with small children there in 20 degree weather want to see santa , NOT  shop. 


Grey Street Girl said...

Aw, this is so sad! They really shouldn't shut down like that. It's too hard for little kids to understand or wait that long. :(

Well, I hope they get to see Santa soon. And, I hope everyone gets to feeling better.

~Grey Street Girl (from Flickr)

Anonymous said...

oh mommaaaaaaaaa, that sucks! we never got lunch breaks for ummm a decade or more so I'm not feeling the pity for santa, but to be humaine, which might be spelled wrong, they should sooo have a stand in santa! duh

Anonymous said...

Oh bother! You are right, they need two santas. How sad for your babies.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jen, spelled wrong. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh yucky! I am so sorry love. We have never done the "mall santa" thing. We see the one at our tree farm where we go to cut down our xmas tree. He's always super nice, sits in a barn by the fireplace and it's free.
Maybe you can find a place like that?

kristin said...

that sounds awesome andie! i like that a lot.