Friday, December 12, 2008

happy flare friday all!

friday has come and gone
actually the whole week has come and gone and for the first time since i started the group i had NO flares. none. zip. zero. zilch. :( but others did catch the magic light that eluded me all week and i am so grateful they did. warms me up a bit just looking at them. definitely a cozy mix. here are a few of my faves from the group this friday. i hope to do much better next week but that requires that sun to shine. shine on you crazy diamond! (please)

happy weekend all.
weather kept us from expected company today.
hopes that they may try tomorrow.
and our tree, we were going to all do our tree together with company here, not sure if we will trudge out in the ice for that. hope you are all warm and safe in this strangest of winter weather. happy weekend! xo k


mames said...

glad to hear all of 'okay' love the floyd reference.

mames said...

thanks for the link, i love the simplicity but it is the yarn that makes it shine. now get to more knitting, i cannot wait to see your advancement in the art. and join in at you will die when you go on, it is crazy to see how much people create