Wednesday, December 03, 2008

just because

not posed
watching the enormous blue spruce being hoisted from the 18 wheel rig it drove in on.  our town's christmas tree on the beach.   they were captivated, and i think slightly intimidated.  casey went up to kellen and wrapped her arm around him, for comfort for protection and a little bit of security i think.  she loves him so.  i love that i caught this.  i love that they do this.  hugs are yummy.  tree lighting is sunday.  yipee! 

*** funny thing casey said on the drive to dinner tonight. 
 we passed one of those large lighted christmas angels with the horn.  casey says from her car seat,  "look momma an elephant!!!"  we all giggled, she was a little confused why we were laughing when all she was doing was pointing out the obvious ( go ahead and look at the shape of those things,  the wings = the elephant ears, and the trumpet or horn = an upturned elephant trunk)  i never saw it that way of course because i am old and lack imagination.  she was a little mad at our laughter, "hey don't laugh guys!!!!" she says.   :) 


leaca said...

so cute. we do need to be more like them sometimes. =)

mames said...

love the hug. we are in full head butt stage round here, but i do catch an occasional snuggle. very very rare though

kristin said...

oh they butt heads!!!! oh yessss. and usually the little one wins. but they love as hard as they fight.