Monday, December 01, 2008

happy monday

happy monday everyone.  
today is world AIDS day.    get tested.  know your status.  knowledge is power always.
this played on the radio yesterday and all i could think was HOW did this escape the daydream road trip playlists???  oversight for certain.  Roam by the B-52's.  with words like these it is perfect for any trip, daydream or real.
"roam where you want to. roam around the world."
head on over to the Crafty Crow for some awesome monday giveaways! 
my friend maya even has the sweetest little bucket and elephant  giveaway there today. and be sure to check out her shop on Dec 8th, she will be loading it up with holiday and basket goods! 
plus i spied a camera strap giveaway too and i was just thinking last night that i would love some padding on my strap.  those generic nylon ones, though functional,  are uncomfortable and well bland!  

looks to be another rainy gray day here. i am thinking of making some of these with the kids today.  what fun toddler friendly projects do you do to help winter days pass?  please share i could sure use the help!  


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Sorry, but I've no toddler these days. Back in the "old days," we would watch lots of Land Before Time and Winnie the Pooh!

Today, I'm on a mission. I'm not merely lurking today because I've tagged your for a game. Come to my blog and check it out - I hope you can play!

mames said...

hmmm, let them play with buttons and sequins and other bits on a big blanket so you can clean it up easy. and maybe if it is not too terribly cold, go out for a bit and get wet and let them get exhausted and cold and come inside and have something warm.

leaca said...

I love links--always something new to see.

Happy Monday!