Tuesday, December 09, 2008


in the mail.
on the needles.
in my hands.
on my dresser.
it waits.

sky is gray.
snow is falling.
dough is waiting.
we are off to my mom's
baking christmas cookies today.
guess that would be sweet progress.

UPDATED~ "sweet progress" complete and delicious


mames said...

nothing like making and the anticipation of finishing. that just gave me the boost i needed to see my knitting in a new light.

are you a raveler yet? would love to friend you if you are.

kristin said...

no no ravelry yet. this is only the 3rd thing i have ever knitted! :) baby steps.

leaca said...

I am still working on my first project. Well I should work on it more. We have a road trip this week to watch Kel play ball and it will give me something to do on the way.

gkgirl said...


Liz said...

Beautiful post.