Wednesday, December 10, 2008


taylor's high school choral concert was this evening.
she has a really nice voice.
and she sings ALL the time.
in the car, in her room, in the shower, i sometimes wonder if she sits in class and sings too.
tonight was her first high school solo. 
it was the final song of the night, so i am sure the nerves were getting to her,  plus she brought along her boyfriend who does not go to her school.  talk about extra pressure!  lol.
and with a microphone!  geesh.   she did great.  the song is the popular song "I'm Yours" by jason mraz.  we have heard it so much that as soon as it began kellen turned to me and said "hey it's that song from the tv."  taylor has been playing the yourtube video for weeks now and he recognized it right away.  so kuddos taylor!  proud of you.   you did great.  
love you,


Mrs.French said...

I so admire those who can sing and share it with the world...I cannot and would can tell you are the proud momma...oh and just so you know she has your pretty smile...xo t

Marjorie said...

I'm loving all your collages lately. And this is a cute one of your girl :)

ELK said...

i am so glad she did well ~ the photos you show are really such a nice record of the big event. I have a "singing ALL the time" daughter as well.