Wednesday, January 07, 2009

catching up

hi all, just wanted to update a few things going on around here.

first, and most important, our aunt judy is finally at home and resting and recuperating.  this after a week of many ups and scary downs, hence the wait on any update on my part.  thank you for your thoughts and well wishes. i am sure she felt all that positive energy pulling for her and i just needed to say thank you.

second, the happiest little snail mail box of love, better known as the traveling blog friendship box, is now in the hands of meredith.  i waited to post her name til i knew she had gotten it, i wanted to keep it a surprise.  her words are works of art to me, she is raw and real and artistic and inspiring.   i look forward to seeing who she passes the box on to next in blogland and what beauty she adds it.  these 2 cranes were a portion of what was inside the box for her.  a momma crane for her and a baby crane for her sweet son. 

last, but certainly not least in any way, andie and i are on week 15 of our photography project.  and well let me tell ya she pulled out the stops this week.  not only did she shoot her portion of our diptych , she PAINTED it first, then shot it!  
T A L E N T.  so check us out at the 2 girls~2 clicks blog.
ps~ andie did not see my picture beforehand.  all she knew was i had bought a pomegranate and planned on shooting it this week.  pretty amazing how much alike they look, uncanny. 

happiness! xo, k


Jody said...

wow!! I've been dying to pick up a pomegranite (?spelling) forever now. Just always put it back down. I'm gonna have to just Do it! =)

Love your photos. They truly inspire me.

I'll have to dig around your blog about this friendship box. Sounds very interesting!!

sunmamma said...

I'm glad to hear your aunt is doing better!

The diptych is amazing!!!!

gkgirl said...

love love love the pomegranite

you guys are awesome.

and happy to hear about your aunt is
doing better...

Anonymous said...

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