Friday, January 09, 2009

happy friday!

we had some great winter sun this week wedged in between our snow

woke to more of that great light this morning.
kids got a FUN box in the mail of craft goodies from a friend.
casey shook it all around or stuck it in her mouth because you just never know what might be edible unless you taste it... (sigh)  and well all of it appealed to kellen's precise creativity.
he went straight to work with the pom-poms.
first constructing this christmas tree
and then he made an "applepuss", otherwise known as an octopus to the rest of us.  
applepuss is casey's word.
i love that word.
she still says "EEP-AH-MALL" for oatmeal.
i love that word too.
i miss those words when the correct ones take their place.
and i love it when  i say , "casey, you want oatmeal for breakfast?"
and she nods wildly and says, "yap eepahmall!"  all smiles.
after art we tried out a music class for little ones.  an hour of dancing and singing simple songs and instruments, oh how they love that, and scarves to dance with, it was really fun.  that is the first "class" thing i have done with them.  it was a success and something they both liked.  and to my surprise, kellen was the one out in front, dancing and singing and watching the instructor intently.  casey was actually more reserved, if i had put money on that i SO would have lost the bet.  funny how your kids can surprise you each and every day. 
happy friday all.  hope the sun streamed in your windows today too.


Shalet said...

I am so in love with your light - just perfect!

TD wool design said...

great sun today. winter storm this weekend. but that makes for good family time.
enjoy yours!

mames said...

i love the beauty of those pics. it looks like she has not taken off the hat since it came off the needles.

words. there has been an expolsion here. tonight mace just started calling mac n cheese 'doodles'. so unbelievable, my babies are becoming little boys.

happy new year, mama. it looks like a good one already.

jk said...

Yes, the light was beautiful today! Still haven't made our trip to the beach, but plan to soon... we also had our first music class of the year today. We love the Music Together program as well as our local instructors in Midcoast Maine...

Rachel said...

Yay Kellen!! You just go right ahead and surprise the daylights out of your Momma. Keep her on her toes.

Ok Kristin, your going to have to teach me how to do crafts with kids. I don't know if it's because my O is so mechanically inclined, or because I'm just not good at getting him interested, but they boy couldn't care less about anything remotely creative. How can this be my kid?

renee said...

well the light is streaming in this morning thanks to your post. I'm inspired by your post and the ss prompt today to start looking for more color through my viewfinder. I've put the camera down for a few days, too much else going on. But the photos of your little ones has inspired me.

have fun in music class!

Anonymous said...

I love their morning heads:) makes me miss you all-all the more! xoxo Jen