Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm baaaack

views from my driver seat. (and 1 from a cab :)
i love shooting random shots while i drive.  i just lay the camera on the dash and click, or see something  out the corner of my eye grab it and shoot, no looking just clicking.  then you get home and see what the road had to offer.  some just a blurry mess, but every once in awhile some road magic.  just got back from a week long visit to the snowless "south".  lol,  ok pennsylvania, but that is south from here.  first few days were very springlike,  even saw some crocuses and daffodils emerging from the ground.  birds, ahhh the sound of happy birds tweeting away all over the place.  saw best friends and family.  
some highlights of the trip:
DINOS!  yes big huge dino bones  at The Academy of Natural Sciences
and live butterflies in their butterfly garden
making pizzas with dewey and jen
riding a Septa bus, train, and a taxi in philly. transportation ROCKS in my toddlers' eyes.
shopping at IKEA!  (yes how i miss thee IKEA)
playground time!  no snow, blue skies, AND the playground!  hello is this heaven?  this made for very happy kids and a momma.  seeing them run free and really play was exciting.
fun with mom-mom and pop-pop. watching WALL-E  at least 6 times together.  usually i am not a huge fan of disney or pixar, always the violence people!  but this movie is the sweetest thing.  robot love.  and who knew a robot could be so dang expressive and melt your heart?  i did not, but now i do!   i heart WALL-E.  
playing uncle ryan's electric guitar
playing piano with "old friends" 
mussels at monks with jen and yes the BEST damn fries and bourbon mayo dip!
a cake with a few candles.  
all good stuff.
we snuck in 2 colds as well, not so fun.  but we are now home safe.  kids tucked into their own beds.  we did come back to snow.  more fell while we were away.  i am not lying when i say i DID NOT MISS IT.  we came home a day early since weather forecast says more snow on its way tomorrow.  sigh february in maine.  oh well, now i have my pictures and memories to warm me up til we melt.  we WILL melt.  and maybe even grow some daffodils too...  here's hoping.  now the task of catching up.  

look at the difference 1 day and 500 miles in a car will make!
brrrrrr!    to   AHHHHH!


Char said...

sweet spring ready to burst onto the scene - sounds like a wonderful trip. :) except for the colds that is.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home babe! Glad you had an amazing break :)

jlg said...

I´m originally from Philly. You hit some of my favorite hang outs. Next time try Jim´s steaks! They are still the best!

sunmamma said...

So happy your back and you had a fab time!!
xo Sebrina

Grey Street Girl said...

You're back! You were definitely missed. But, I'll forgive you since you came back with all these great photos. ;)

Laura said...

I recently took my first trip to Philly and LOVED Monk's as well! We hung out in the back bar for hours. Lovely photos as always.

mames said...

glad you had your needed hit of sunshine. it is amazing what sun and a good park can do for you.

Elenka said...

Oh, momma. I just came back to Maine from Florida! think about THAT adjustment. It's snowing now....

Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

sounds like a great trip! love the driving photos :)

tonyaru said...

that had to be a great trip. i love photos from the car. i do a lot of those because it's hard to get b to stop. by the time i get him to understand i want to stop he has flow far passed and it requires a turn around and drive back. i just can't do that to him.

Matt Allen Photography said...

great photos - I love the intentional out of focus shot on the bottom left of the collage.

Jody said...

Yes you guys are still getting hit hard. My Daff's are almost ready to bloom. Yeahh!!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip with some very memorable moments. So glad for you. =0)

Melba said...

I came over to your blog via Andie.

I love your cyber home and had fun browsing around this morning while I drank my second cup of coffee.

I live in Cape Cod where I thought it snowed less than other places in New England and while that may be true I could still use a break from the snow. There is suppose to be more this week!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Love your car shots. I too like to drive by shoot!

Your ability to weave photos together in collage is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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