Monday, March 09, 2009

91 years young

a beautiful life
she is not my nana by blood. 
she is my husband's nana.
my children's great nana.
she is incredible
truly incredible
smart funny wise spirited sassy fun sweet loving vital beautiful nana.
my son has her eyes.  the clearest blue eyes. 
she tells the best tales of her life in england with her large family, of deciding she would be the one not to marry in her family, but then the war and with the war came one american soldier, allen.  her one true love.  they married and she moved here to the usa leaving her large loving family behind to begin a family here.  2 children ~2 grandchildren~ 5 great grandchildren later. today is her 91st birthday.  she can out walk me.  that is no joke.  she lives in northern vermont, a place not for the faint at heart.  she still speaks with her british accent.  she calls every week.  she adores talking to the little ones.  they sing songs over the phone and laugh and talk about snow.  i wish everyone could meet her and listen to her tell stories of england and the life she lead.  it is truly amazing.  i am blessed to have married her grandson and gotten to know her these past 12 years.  happy birthday nana!  you are an inspiration.   


Suvarna said...

wonderful tribute! She looks and sounds like a remarkable woman.

ELK said...

how wonderful and amazing she are very lucky!

Elizabeth said...

how wonderful -- made me think of my own grandmother, a real lady.

gkgirl said...


she is adorable
and sounds amazing!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Beautiful and inspiring tribute!

TAG said...

so lovely. happy birthday to her.