Wednesday, March 11, 2009

week 3:52 playlist

keep on keeping on week 3 of my # 33 playlists.
this week for the jilted and angry.  
we have all been there some point in our life.
a song just fits and says what you can't.
you play it LOUD and yell right along with every word.
each line speaks like it was written just for you, BY you. 
google it and you find lists dedicated to just this.

so what song have you cranked and maybe even cried to?
the first song here is the sole reason for this list.  i found this surfing other songs and was blown away.  but how do you put this particular song in a regular playlist?  can't happen.  so i figured i devote a whole playlist to such songs.    * beware this song is about as powerful as it gets.  it is a hurt so angry it burns.
*rootless tree ~ damien rice  
you oughta know ~alanis morissette
no more drama ~ mary j blige
better man pearl jam
stay ~ sugarland
never again ~ kelly clarkson

cathartic enough?  how about we end it on a positive note.
when the dark cover of pain breaks and some light streams in what do you do?
walk on  that's what you always do.  
what are your fave cathartic songs? 


A said...

i love your playlists! it's such a wonderful idea and you choose some great music! my fave this week is the damien rice song... i am a huge fan of his :) might have to do a song post on my blog soon (of course credit to you as inspiration!)... your music posts are starting to inspire me :)

Char said...

some of my "go to"s are on there - definitely Alanis and Bonnie. I also like "She Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd, "Let Him Fly" by Patty Griffin, "Think" by Aretha, "Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne, "Get Your Sh*t Together" by Beth Hart, "Jenny Says" by Cowboy Mouth, "Already Gone" by the Eagles, and "Tyrone" by Erika Badu.

A weird mix, huh?

jason said...

This is the one I always fell back on way back in the day...

Anonymous said...

you have included some of my faves.

sunmamma said...

great playlist!!!

Anonymous said...

for years and many many memories I go to Janes Addiction-the whole nothing's shocking (and others), Pearl Jam-lots of songs but Ten album is good place to start and I like smashing pumpkins siamese dream. All three tried and true staples you can listen to the whole album no skipping songs really so you can just sing and listen no work to skip around. I have been Eddie in my mind many times:) xoxo momma eek and off to the shower! this work thing comes too early!

Emme said...

Gotta go with "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, its old school disco, but its hard to stay mad when you crank it. Then there's "So What" by Pink. That girl rocks. :)

tonya said...

in high school i cried in the dark for hours listening to "love look what you've done to me" by boz scaggs when i dumped gary eads for cheating on me with the girl he later married.

then as i got older and harder to hurt songs like "not gon'cry" by mary j blige and (like char) "tyrone" by erykah badu were more my style.

kristin said...

good ones! brings back the memories not all good. but music is always so tire up in these memories for me.

smack said...

just loving you woman!!

kristin said...

damn i just ofund lucinda williams. uh she needed to be on this list!
i changed the locks
i see another post brewing.

Anonymous said...

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Terrence said...

Interesting list. I just discovered a song by an unsigned artist called Barnaby Griffin which I find very cathartic. It's called 'Smile, Candy' and is basically a girl breaking up with a guy but unable to feel positive about it. I was that guy being dumped once and this song spoke to me. It is very sad and quite tragic though. It can be found here, as well as his other sad songs.