Thursday, March 05, 2009

love and tunes

today is my dad's birthday.  we live far apart.  so if he happens to read this, "happy birthday daddy!  eat some chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for me."

week 2 of my 52 week playlists.
# 33 on my 37 things list.

hmmmmm what to play?  
i heard this one on the ride home last week and it always makes me smile...
i want you  bob dylan
today i am in a mellow mood so i'll stick with it. 
somewhere over the rainbow  by brother IZ~  the sweetest voice
calico skies  sir paul mccartney (kellen's song)
home sheryl crow
please read the letter alison krauss and robert plant 
wonderful world louis armstrong  (our wedding song)
beautiful christina aguilera
heart of life john mayer

oh and speaking of my 37 things,  i have been thinking  about # 20.  what are my top 5 favorite movies?  2 i can name right off the bat.  
  • Love Actually
  • Amelie
then i remembered
You've got Mail.  i wanted to be the girl from the shop around the corner so very badly! 
i swear the ending gets me
someone please pass me the tissues!
happy love thursday.
what are a few of your fave movies???


smack said...

love and tunes alll the way!...

jodi said...

amelie & love actually are definitely two of my faves!

Char said...

Field of Dreams; Bull Durham; The Princess Bride; Breakfast at Tiffany's and Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

Love your choice of music..its always SO YOU! Your all over the genre's, lol.
I just downloaded the new U2 album last night, pretty good. Mostly mellow songs.

Movies..hmmm, I am terrible at remembering them. I swear I'll watch one and totally forget the name the next day. Drives the hubs nuts. I do like the Amelia one though. I remembered that!

mel said...

i often read your blog. thank you so much for sharing such gorgeous snippets of your life.
i just had to leave a comment today because love actually & amelie are 2 of my all time faves too. another that springs to mind is woody allen's very cheesy yet charming "everyone says i love you"

gkgirl said...

should i admit...

{i'm a total sucker for
sweet home alabama...}


Grey Street Girl said...

I love your 37 things list!

I have so many favorite movies, but I think my all time is Out of Africa.

kristin said...

good ones. i also like shawshank redemption, weird? and true romance can you say violent? but there is something about it i love. oh and grease. i watched that a zillion times growing up, chocolat, yeah this is hard.

Tripping the light... said...

Ooh, Amelie for sure. And I totally hear you about the shop around the corner. That's still one of my dreams to have a little ol' shop like hers, all cozy and welcoming. Shawshank was on just last night - doesn't he just have the dreamiest voice?
Casablanca still tops my list though I think.
Have you ever seen "In the mood for love"? Set in Hong Kong in the 60s and the story is sad but the colours and feel of it are just stunning.

cosycactus said...

Must say Lost in translation is one of my all time favorite movies, also The constant gardener is one I like alot :)

Anonymous said...

I still dream of owning the shop around the corner.

Rodwellian said...

Love Actually is one of my faves too. I also love a movie that is complete opposite called "Once were warriors"

Anonymous said...

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