Tuesday, March 03, 2009

projects: an update

andie and i are back in the swing of things in our 2 girls~2 coasts~2 clicks project.  
we are keeping on with our color wheel scheme right now, last week searching out some springlike oranges and this week {above} was vivid reds.  feels good to be dipping again.  she being a momma of 4 and i a momma of 3, sometimes life takes the driver seat and we roll with the punches.  so if you don't see our dips for a week or so, don't worry,  we will be back.  

my other weekly project, all i  need is a moment,  is on week 14.  we also gained a new collaborator this week, welcome ryan, bringing our # to 7!   7 photographers from all over the world taking a moment together.  this week's moment was feb 25th at 8:12 am.  and as always,  rachel weaved our shots into a beautiful mosaic.  click the link above and read all about each photograph and what was going on for each photographer when they took the shot. 
i really enjoy these collaboration projects. i like seeing what others see through their lens.


Char said...

collabs are always so much fun - these are wonderful

jenn said...

Hi, Kristin! Your blog is beautiful. I'm also a Maine blogger. It's great to see there are more of us out there. I don't encounter many other bloggers in Maine (just lots of blank stares from friends when I mention blogging)! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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