Sunday, March 01, 2009

monday monday and a WINNER!

i will not bore you with our weather.  you know the deal.  snow. blizzard variety.
lets talk about good things, fun things. 
all the most excellent ideas posted on my 37 and 1 to grow on post. 
you all blew me away!  so MANY comments, the most ever here on my little space!  that is exciting in itself.  and so many creative ideas.  i'd read one and think "oh yeah that's it!",   then a day later i'd read 3 more that hit me as perfect.  i am certainly filing all the lovely meet ups and invites away for future adventures.  i sure hope to fit some in this year.  the most extravagant an wild of course would be visiting argentina to meet lovely Julie!  yes yes yes!  that would truly be a grand adventure.  then there were the pay it forward suggestions.  i love those.  so hopeful and filled with love.  and then the daring suggestions.  sexy photo shoot of myself!  HA!  oh my.  and skinny dipping.   i can say i have done this many times in my life.   i love to swim and nekid why not?  though it has been many years, and  i have NOT done this here in our icy waters, uh-uh!  and one of the very first comments caught my eye,  of a hot stone massage sounds especially yummy to this cold winter body.  but alas i promised you a winner today,  so......... {DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLL}  
one that embodied something very "doable", but also hopeful, and a form of communication that i am quite smitten with, snail mail.  so congrats to jessica, of gonzomama knits, who suggested, "i think you should write love letters to your favorite people (37 others & yourself would be ideal) and just tell them what you love about them."  well i think that is just about perfect!  thanks jessica,  a print of your choice will be in the mail to you and your suggestion will be officially added to my list.

 i promise to keep you all updated on any of my 37 things i complete through the year.  it was fun to dream it all up, now let's see how i do in execution.  thanks everyone for indulging me and playing along.  37 is off to a great start thanks to all of you!  xo 

do you have a to do list?  a wish list?  post a link in the comments if you like to share.  i'd love to see what's on yours!

PS~ today is my friend susan's birthday, just a shout out to her on her special day!  xoxo


Char said...

no, but I need to get a list together. maybe today

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Happy belated birthday my friend! I hope it was a great celebration. Your idea for completing 37 things in the year ahead is inspiring. I'll be 40 (!!) in September and maybe I'll try something like that too.

xoxo Lecia

Julie Alvarez said...

I need to do a list too!
Thanks for the comment about visiting me! Anytime you want.
(It's not thaaat far...)

Anonymous said...

don't have one. i need one but don't have it yet.

gonzomama said...

i don't have a list. yet. you've once again totally inspired me. good luck with your list!

SMACK said...

i think you are the best!

Clare Dieter said...

My 30 things to do before I turn 31

( By the Way....Thanks for all your wonderful photos!)

Scrapper88 said...

ooh I missed this!! I love the idea of the love letters what a unique idea!!

Anonymous said...

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