Thursday, May 28, 2009

16 for real this time

may 28th 1993 at 6:45am taylor renee was born and i became a momma for the first time.   forever forging the path of my life.  looking back now,  i can admit i was a kid myself, all of 21 years.  she and i have waded through life together ever since.   no longer 20 inches long, now a very tall 5 foot 10 inch, sixteen year old young lady.   i now need a bench to look her eye to eye. she began driving school this past week, only book study, but to me such a big grown up step.  i am still not sure i am ready for any of it.  but that is how life is, it keeps moving on and i cannot stand still and pretend it does not.   happy birthday taylor.  may 16 be as sweet as can be.  don't rush through it too fast, though that is what happens when you become a teen, all you can think about is growing up!  i remember that feeling.  just try and savor it a little while ok?  love your mom. 

having already had the big  par~tay on saturday, we celebrated today at home with her bff, boyfriend, her nanny,  and just us.   we made homemade pizzas~complete with a pepperoni heart thanks to her best friend raina's handy work with a knife,  handmade paper decorations in her fave colors of blue and green, a hand drawn darth vadar card thanks to her little brother, and a pan of brownies topped with coffee ice cream and of course 16 candles to blow out.  

** a quick thank you to all our family that were here last week to help ring in the celebrations.  we miss you already, but so thankful you could come.  xoxo!


mrs boo radley said...

Sounds like a beautiful birthday!

For my sweet sixteen, my parents got a minivan and I inherited their old car...we needed the van because I got a new baby sister the year before!

kristin said...

lol. my first car was a 1980 chevy monza in burst orange color handed down from my granny who couldn't see over the dash. it was sweeeeet! HA! but it was a few months after my bday. i got a wicker vanity for my sweet 16.

gkgirl said...

awwww...sounds sweet...
and love the heart shaped pepperoni!!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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