Friday, May 29, 2009

rainy day blues: tunes

{amazing photographers here}

rainy cold days.  feeling melancholy 
tunes week 13 . 52


Diane said...

Oh, Buckets of rain is one of my favorites, too. We must be having the very same weather... it's been cold and rainy here for four days now... which is fitting my mood so it's all right. But I'm glad for your post that I'm not the only one!

: )

Spring? Summer? Wha??

kristin said...

yeah d this feels like fall. not just rainy, but so dang cold! high in the 40's!!! what?!?! come on now. blech. xo you i hope for the sun to shine warm on us now!

Char said...

I love anything by Dylan...anything. but you might also like "you don't miss your water" by Otis Redding or Taj Mahal

or "tears and rain" by james blunt.

mrs boo radley said...

I love Buckets, too!

jessica said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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