Saturday, May 16, 2009

love you jen!

you sure did.

my very best friend graduated with honors (magna cum laude) today from college.  i would smother her with love in person if i could.  SMOTHER!!!!  i was unable to attend in person, but i sat here in maine and watched it all happen live via the web!  how freaking awesome! when i  heard them call her name and i about jumped out of my seat with excitement joy love pride glee and tears!  oh jen you did it.  i love you!  be so very proud of yourself lady!  you have earned this!


Fonze said...

Nice job Hustler! You done good.

I'm thinking your money pants figured into this all somehow....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Momma:) Thanks so much for watching. It was a lot longer than I thought it would be! And Fonze, the money pants were only involved in spirit. If only I had those now, we could all have a good laugh, a good long laugh! Love you guys-my champions:) xo

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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