Saturday, June 27, 2009

i'm back.... well sort of

Needles and pins, Needles and pins,
Sew me a sail to catch me the wind.
Sew me a sail strong as the gale,
Carpenter, bring out your hammers and nails.
Hammers and nails, hammers and nails,
Build me a boat to go chasing the whales.
Chasing the whales, sailing the blue
Find me a captain and sign me a crew.
Captain and crew, captain and crew,
Take me, oh take me to anywhere new.

~Shel Silverstein

still getting my footing.

monday i promise a proper post.

we need to catch up! 

happy weekend. xo


Char said...

find your feet honey and your time. and love hugging those beautiful babies.

elk said...

love Shel so much ...great post...hang in there K.

TAG said...

I adore this post.

Suvarna said...

what we would we do without Shel, beautiful post, look forward to your return when your ready.

daniela said...

this is magical. you weave such magic kristin.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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