Monday, July 20, 2009

monday inspiration

a few weeks back i read a beautiful post on the  jen gray's blog.
i emailed jen and asked if it would be alright to post her words here,  that perhaps someone would love them or need them as much as i.  she generously said yes, please do, share on. so here they are; from jen, to me, to you. 

"in case you forgot.

you deserve to be happy. 
you deserve to be safe. 
you deserve to be cherished. 
you deserve to be heard.

you deserve help. 
you deserve rest. 
you deserve kindness. 
you deserve freedom.

you deserve support. 
you deserve peace. 
you deserve goodness. 
you deserve wellness.

you deserve forgiveness. 
you deserve compassion. 
you deserve joy. 
you deserve healing.

you deserve love.

yes you.

you really do."

-jen gray

we all know these things, but i do think we forget at times.  somehow seeing them in print, reading them, touched me. thank you jen.

i also heard this beautiful song last night in the car. 
i had forgotten how much i loved this song warren wrote and recorded shortly before his death.
the lyrics of this song are so tender.  
no better way to start off the week, 
keep me in your heart ~ warren zevon
happy monday everyone. xo


Anonymous said...

Perfectly said. Thank you for sharing this (and Jen too).


Char said...

no better - that song always makes me cry - what a beautiful message he left behind.

and a gorgeous shot

Leslie said...

Thank you for these words! We do all need to hear them.

Suvarna said...

Thank you for sharing this Kristen, it was all I could do to keep from blubbering like a big baby when I heard that song, so beautiful, thanks.

daniela said...

yes, i had forgotten.

how did you know?

thank you jen for those needed words, and kristin, for spreading the love as only you can. xo

Kristen said...


LeS said...


elk said...

the photo , shared poem and classic song were so nice ...thanks for a very wonderful post blessings ~elk

simply blogged said...

I love that song. I remember watching a documentary about him recording this song. It was so sad.