Thursday, July 16, 2009

sharing love

today i have a little love to share.
i clicked my last polaroid 600 film shot. 
sadness  :(  
but my result fills me with happiness.
i had a distinct idea in my mind for my final shot.  watching it develop and seeing the happy result was just as i had hoped it would be.
will i keep on searching for pola film?  yes!  but just in case this is my last shot, i wanted it to be filled with love.   1 red construction paper heart, 2 little helpers' hands, 1 final click,  and this is what came out:
i heart it.  

then in my flickr inbox today i received a note and link from cris, of Kireei~ cosas bellas (beautiful things), a spanish home decor website.  cris asked permission a little while back to write a post about my 365 gratitude project.  you can see the post HERE.  i did my best to translate it into english with the help of my computer.  along with the photos, she chose a listening track as well.  the choice, Tema De Amor De Cinema Paradiso.  it makes me smile to think what my 365 makes someone feel, then translated into a music choice as well.  thank you cris!

 the post in my best english translation....
  • "In my opinion, Flickr is the best social platform online that exists. Not only does it allow you to upload and share photos with the user community, the concept goes beyond that. it provides a window into the day of the people, a place to display art, crafts, recipes, travel, an altruistic ideas, images and messages of appreciation and friendship . The other day while looking around there, I came upon Mainemomma's photostream, more specifically her 365 gratitude album and I was taken looking at the daily catches, so extraordinary. It has been difficult to select a few, 365 days of gratitude gives to much and all contain talent and tenderness to abundance. I recommend your favorite music background ye pongáis (I I I delighted with the theme of love of Cinema Paradiso sung by Dulce Pontes), click here to view a presentation and you can take all the beauty, once again. Finally, the quote that came at the foot of this last photo summarizes the feeling that transmits in her photostream ...
“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever” ~ winnie the pooh
Thanks to Kristin for allowing us to share with you all those grateful moments in life."

***happy love thursday everyone. 
and again thank you to cris for the lovely post and music choice.  
it is surreal to see my photos with words in another language. i am honored. xo


Char said...

your work deserves the honor that it gets - congratulations.

hopefully soon they will bring this beautiful film back to its proper place - in the arms of those that love it.

Hay:o) said...

Very cool! Thanks for the translation, the girls and I are just starting to learn Spanish, but Hola is about as good as it gets right now :)
You rock.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...

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Random Things and Our Family Life said...

So true! I have also found that when you connect with a new friend on flickr, you see they have a blog, and then you HAVE to read their blog...and then you can't remember if your first found them on flickr or a blog link somewhere else....

simply blogged said...

beautiful. very cool that she wrote about your project. I really want to do a 365 but have yet to do it and finish. =]

daniela said...

so many things to love here: that you were honored, that this is a primo pola, and as always your words. and if we lived close, we would go shoot together with all that pola film you so graciously and selflessly gave me ... xo

Anonymous said...

I love this shot. And the one with this pola at your feet. I too have been desperate all summer for some pola film. Amazon has some but with's just too much!!

If you find some cheap, let me know.

Leslie said...

What a sweet Pola shot! The film is getting hard to find :-( Such a lovely post.