Wednesday, August 19, 2009


weeee!  i  just clicked over to aimee's blog to see i made this month's finals for her greeblePIX contest.  i entered my recent beach shot, "she sells seashells by the seashore".
i just loved this lady with her great bag and sweet umbrella strolling on the beach.
 please click on over HERE and vote for your favorite.  
(voting ends thursday midnight)


montague said...

good luck (i love this shot)

beth said...

I just voted for you....I'm half mermaid I think and my heart is at the beach, so you're a winner in my book !

Anonymous said...

Lovely shot....I just voted for you too.

Hay said...

Done :)

kristin said...

thank you!
always an honor to make the finals.

now here's hoping :)

Janice said...

i really like this. i voted!

Citrus Hearts said...

this is so beautiful and I love love love your banner it just makes me smile every time I come visit your blog :)