Friday, August 21, 2009

friday~with a little adventure

happy friday everyone
i am headed out today, alone.
a weekend getaway with my best girlfriend.
i am wracking my brain trying to think have i ever done this before?  we have been bestest of friends for over 13 years.  before i even met my husband.  and yet she and i have never ventured out for a getaway.  seems absurd but it is true.  our times revolved around work and play that always included family and other friends.  great times.  the best. i even went along one summer on one her infamous family vacas, her mom dad sister niece she and i.   that was many moons ago, pre kellen and casey years.  we even met her now husband on that very vacation, on a dance floor at the rusty rudder, dancing our butts off to a great bruce springsteen cover band.   i love that we shared that meeting and it is now one of our many stories we love to tell.  before that i was a young single momma to taylor and never went on vacations alone.  she and i have talked about doing something like this since kellen was born.  a mini mommy break for me, and life break for her, but it just never came to fruition.  this year she graduated college, a wonderful goal she set for herself.  she did it in grand fashion, graduating very top of her class, even winning awards.   i am the proudest bff.   so i think this year she made it clear we deserved a little celebrating and friend face time, and booked herself a flight to our destination, providence RI.  no backing out, or putting off, or saying "yeah we should DO something",  nope not now.  so this afternoon i will get in my car and drive south on what appears to be the very first girlie getaway for me.  it is exciting.  very.  yet i am also feeling a little anxious too, butterflies in my belly feeling.  a whole weekend away from my loves.  they will be more than fine, i know that,  but i am feeling a big twinge of longing.  that is good right?  the pull of home.  home is truly where my heart is.  so wish me luck!  hubby told me last night, "you will be fine.  heck you will come back and your face will hurt from all the laughing and smiling you did." 
he is right. 
she and i do A LOT of just that when we are together.  
hope you have a great weekend and maybe a little adventure too.  
and to my loves, jason kellen casey & taylor,  i love you and miss you already. 

("psst!" there's a chocolate cream pie and homemade mac n cheese ready and waiting for you all in the fridge :))


Char said...

this is the good kind of anxiety. have a great time.

it's one of those things you know you will love once you get the ball rolling.

Random Things and Our Family Life said...

Just think of the happy sweet reunion you will have when you get home!!

montague said...


jackie said...

Have a blast, and revel and roll and woller in your time together! And then let that twinge of longing pull you home all filled up with the refreshment of time with your friend!

Leslie said...

Oh, lucky you! You'll have the best time, and then you can come home and love on your babies. Enjoy the time!

tara said...

enjoy your weekend away!
my boys are on a camping trip with dad, and it's the first time i've had a weekend, too.
maybe i'll make some macaroni and cheese for me!

jodi said...


artandlemons said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend getaway! Oh, and the mac and cheese will be on my weekend menu...

By the way, I have a little award for you on my blog...

maddie said...

a weekend with your girlfriend?

perfection ~ wish i could come as well:)

and chocolate cream pie OH my!!!!