Tuesday, August 11, 2009


now that is a funny word for something utterly delicious.
perhaps given that name since you can't stop eating it and  shovel heaps full in your mouth all he while grunting like a happy caveman?  
either way here it is blueberry grunt
i blame this entire post and my now tight waistband on andie.   she posted this picture yesterday.  now really, what is a girl to do but email andie demanding the recipe asap!  and to my delight it is super easy.  i am a lazy dessert maker.  i LOVE pie,  but making homemade crust is not my thing.  so if that sounds like you, this is the recipe you must try.
plus you don't even need to like blueberries.  you can substitute your favorite fruit for your ingredient.  i plan on doing this myself with peaches next time, like tomorrow!  LOL
grunt recipe:
Place fruit (cut peaches, blueberries, any fruit) in the bottom of a pie pan with a few dabs of butter and a sprinkle of sugar. 

Mix 1 cup flour, 
1/3 cup sugar, 
and 1-1 ½ cups cream (heavy/whipping cream or whole milk)

Stir together until it becomes a sticky dough. 

Place dough in mounded spoonfuls on top of fruit and bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes until the top is golden brown and the fruit is bubbly. Let cool and top with homemade whip cream or vanilla ice-cream. 

hmmm, "let cool",  that is the hardest part of this whole thing!
who wants to wait?  all i wanted was to dive in, and i did with 2 of the cutest taste testers i know. 
we used blueberries (because well we DO live in maine and we are kind of famous for them) and red raspberries and heavy cream for ours.
then kellen, casey, and i sat on the couch after lunch and almost licked the plate clean.
wouldn't you?
want some???
mmmmmmmmmmmm  :)
xo andie!


Inoureyes said...

That looks so delicious! Thanks for sending the recipe on. I will have to try it with my oh so many preserved apples i have taking up my cupboards.

Char said...

I so need to try this! YUM

Anonymous said...

Yay! You made it! Oh your pic makes me want to go and make more and I've already baked two of these babies just this week alone.

Love ya sis, so glad you enjoyed the recipe.

mrs boo radley said...



Loveliest pictures in all the berry land.

Anonymous said...

man oh man!! i too, am a lazy chef... and this sounds too good to be true! i'm gonna have to give it a go this weekend. yum! thanks for sharing the recipe!

now, if only i lived in maine :)

Mountain Sketch said...

Hi, I found your blog, and just wanted to say that picture makes me want to make a pie right NOW!! I haven't done a blueberry peach yet this year...we don't have blueberries growing like crazy around here, and they are so expensive to buy, I just keep putting it off. Anyway, yummy...maybe tomorrow will be the day!