Monday, August 10, 2009

one of those days

got up before my usual time to drive to NH airport.
(i am not a morning person)
kids acted WHACKY in the long car ride.  like i fed them coco puffs with choc syrup and whipped cream for breakfast whacky...
returned home.
then back in minivan to take teens to funtown.
then proceeded to drag myself and whacky kids to the grocery store only to notice kellen left his shoes at home. (logical) so he had to ride in the shopping cart and was not happy about that one bit.  
drove home with car full of groceries.
parked car in garage.
opened trunk.
only then did i see the disaster that awaited me.
1 jumbo size laundry detergent had fallen over and the lid holding all 120 fl ounces of said detergent had come OFF!   emptying its contents all over the back portion of my minivan.  it was a giant blue pool of arm and hammer with oxi-clean mess. 
and what was swimming in that pool?  oh yeah, my groceries. 
one of those days i really needed a do over.
and a beer.
i got neither.


LeS said...


want some grumpy pie?

Inoureyes said...

Oh dear, I like the sympathy comments!!!
Poor girl, at least the groceries and car are really really clean

Diane said...

Whoah. That's bad. Maybe it can only get better from here? Here's to hoping! See you soon!

qmama said...

oh my, we too had a "needed a do-over" day yesterday. hoping today showers more light (in the flare variety) and fun on you.

kira said...

today will have to rock.
just make sure you have beer around just in case.

joy said...

oh. no. I have been there with the detergent before (acutally, twice). sorry to hear about the bad day. Hope Tuesday goes better for you!

simply blogged said...

ah pickles!!!! At least your car will smell good.

kristin said...

ah yes car smells alright but not good. oxi clean overload = headache . :(
i guess i will need to really take the hose to it.