Sunday, August 23, 2009


providence with jen
oh so good.
  • hugs!
  • food
  • beers
  • catching up
  • dj
  • dancing (while the cool "kids" stood like it was a freaking high school dance lining the walls, girls on one side, boys on another.  whatever, WE danced! (and sweated a lot!)
  • slept in (oh my)
  • great breakfast, juevos rancheros,  and my first cafe au lait.  
  • walked and walked and walked and then yeah walked some more
  • shopped a little 
  • met some very interesting people!
  • had a dell's frozen lemonade
  • swam in the hotel pool to cool off
  • got all gussied up and ate a FAB meal at zooma
  • walked to waterfire
  • walked to the outdoor ballroom.  LIVE swinging music (roger ceresi and the all starz band) and real swing dancers (providence swings).  and yes we got our groove on once again.  people watched.  they were all so happy!  beyond happy.  people need to fight less and dance more.  WAY more.
  • banana choc chip ice cream cone 
  • chatting long into the night
  • REALLY slept in.  so much so, we thought we might have missed check out!  (giggle)
  • checked out
  • drag brunch.  yes  D R A G  brunch at downcity.   they had much better gams than i and could STRUT in some seriously high heels!   it (and they) were FABULOUS!
  • walked some more (we really put the miles on the old legs this weekend phew!)
  • then drove her to the airport 
  • hugs~thank yous~ goodbyes...  :(
jen it was just pure wonderful happiness and fun.
thanks for sweating your butt off with me for 2 days in providence.  thanks for being my dancing partner, food sharer, explorer, friend.
i of course missed you the moment i drove away from the airport, but i will treasure this time together, like all our times together.  thank you to my hubby who manned the homestead and kiddos so i could have this wonderful weekend.


YPIC said...

it was priceless momma. one more story to add to our collection of memories:) we shall do it again sooner than later-no waiting 13+ years again! xoxoxoxo

montague said...

looks like you had a wonderful time!

MamaLizKnits said...

What FUN! Wow .... 13+ years!? You two had way too much fun for such a long lapse of time. I think you two need to get together every year. :D

Hay said...

hahaha rockin'. You gals know how to live.

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous time! It makes me want to plan a weekend with my best gals. If only they did not live so far away!