Sunday, August 30, 2009

we have NO fun around here

it is sad really. 
this is probably a "you had to be there" story, but i will bore you anyway.
last week my mom and i took kellen and casey to the amusement park downtown, palace playland.  she bought them a book of tickets to ride the kiddie rides.  we ran through that in minutes,  so i bought a second book.  we had exactly 12 tickets left and were choosing between bumper cars (which they have never done but were intrigued by)  or the big ferris wheel.  either choice would use up all 12 remaining tickets, thus being our last ride, so we wanted to choose well.  they decided to go with the ferris wheel.  it is quite tall and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon so we knew the view would be  lovely of the pier, the ocean, and all the people below.  we did NOT know we would be stuck on this ferris wheel like some sort of twilight zone episode.   earlier this summer i had ridden this same ferris wheel.  it went around 3 times, it was nice.  so my mom, k, c, and i jumped in our ferris car,it  went around 3 times...   it kept going...  5 times and i commented to my mom,  "wow we are getting a long ride this time, cool."  10 times around and i started to laugh.  we kept looking at the attendant thinking surely THIS time he will stop it.  nope.  we all got the giggles!   did he forget about us?  are we invisible?  what is going on?!?!?!  and each time he never moved.  now he had not fallen asleep, nooooo, he was stopping and letting others off the ride,  just not us!  :)  we joked that perhaps we were the 1 millionth rider and now get the unlimited ferris wheel ride!  we were on it for a half hour at least.   it is big, and slow.   it got to be truly ridiculous,  i actually had to lean out and ask him to stop and let us off! and he looked surprised!  HAAAAA!  so the shots above were maybe the 10th time around when the giggles were setting in.  i guess we chose well,  i know we sure got our money's worth!  


mrs boo radley said...

Wow, excellent choice! Sounds like a blast.

Char said...

it was those cute smiles that made his day :)

Hay said...

My friend once got stuck at the top of one for three hours. She sent me txt pictures, the fire brigade had to come...I don't think she was giggling...;)

gonzomama said...

ha! that made me laugh. at least you were moving while you were 'stuck'!

jag said...

No, you didn't have to be there... this story comes across well in the telling! Lucky you!! Gives fun context to those beautiful images. xox